Is AP Microeconomic Hard? A Detailed Explanation

The most frightening subject for every student in a high school career is microeconomics. Students associate economics with a particular formula after hearing about economics, which requires a lot of study and research. However, in the case of average microeconomics, its level is not so complex. However, more practical knowledge and study on economic theory is needed than practice.

Well, is AP Microeconomic hard? Although AP microeconomics is very difficult for some people, but not as much as it seems because you can achieve a passing score through a few studies. Achieving the rank of AP Microeconomics is easier than other subjects. However, the hard part of AP Microeconomic is that its components are not something you usually learn before. So, let’s see if AP Microeconomics is really that hard or not!

Is AP Microeconomic Hard

Is AP Microeconomic Hard? Know Everything About AP Microeconomic

  • About the economy
  • How the economy can be measured
  • How to adjust specific indicators to expand or contract the economy.

Exam Structure

Before we consider that AP Microeconomics is difficult, we need to know about its passing marks. Compared to other tests, it is neither easy nor difficult again in microeconomics. In general, the exam structure of Economics is simple, and it is divided into two sections. These two sections are divided into seven sections on the theme of the exam. It depends on which department of microeconomics a high school will teach.

The first section is Multiple Choice, where there are 60 questions on different topics. Topics are usually determined from the outline. The test time is given 70 minutes and is worth two-thirds of the grade. The questions are not made difficult, so the student can answer very easily.

The second section contains three free-response questions. However, these three free-response questions are considered to be the most difficult part of the test due to the type of question and the complicity. The first question takes the longest and dedicated time. But the other two are a little easier than the first because it requires drawing a graph and answering some questions.

Free-response questions are described according to (A, B, C). However, these parts are graded independently. It does not have a specific grade, and you will get great just like you take. Each part of a question works differently. For example, if you answer only A and B out of (A, B, and C), then A and B will be graded. If you cannot answer C, you will get credit for A and B. The second division will be given 60 minutes to complete, and one-third of the total grade will be credited.


The examination of microeconomics is difficult because of its wide range of topics and complexities. The good thing about these topics is that one topic encourages the other. Since one of its topics is related to another topic, you will be able to answer questions on another topic if you have an idea about one topic.

The largest part of the Economics exam is covered with Economics Policy. And economics policy-related factors. This division is primarily concerned with the Federal Reserve and its interactions with the economy. It is also related to the government’s revenue policies. This section also discusses the impact of inflation and unemployment in a country.

The Department of the Financial Sector and the Department of International Economics are closely related to each other. The relationships of these sections with each other are taught reciprocally. These departments deal with monetary policy and foreign exchange. It also discusses how much money the government is printing and providing every year.

Skilled Requirements

Passing on the AP icon depends entirely on whether you were so attentive to the classic. You need to gain enough knowledge to participate in the test. To be able to answer questions successfully, you need to be qualified to take the test. Although some of the test questions may be common sense, some questions are related to economics.


The organization is the skill required for any test. However, the details of the examination of microeconomics depend on the graph and various topics. You will need to write multiple graphs when solving the free-response questions. The graph must be related to the question.

When you create a graph, make sure it is clean and tidy so that the examiner can read it. If you don’t need a graph somewhere, then if you give a graph there, you can realize the answer to the question. But don’t just graph when answering any questions. Rather the graph needs to be explained logically to make sense.

Time Management

You will have one minute to answer a question in the exam, so you need to know about time management. You don’t have to spend a long time behind a question. Instead, answer all the questions you can in one minute. And you will spend time at the end of the question that is complicated. This way, you can do time management properly and answer all the questions successfully.

You will have 10 minutes of planning time to answer the three free-response questions. Since this is the most difficult question in economics, you can answer it intelligently. You have already planned what you will answer this question, so use the time and answer quickly.


The most effective way to pass an AP icon is to practice. You need to study outside the classroom to develop your knowledge and prepare yourself for the exam. You need to read the topics that the teacher did not teach and improve your knowledge. In online, you can take many practice tests through which you can improve your skills and prepare yourself for the test.

This will allow you to acquire the right terminology and bring the graphs under your control by practicing. When you create a graph to answer a question, it will add credit to you separately. And practice tests will improve your financial jargon.

Asking Questions

When you can ask questions, you will learn a lot, and your skills will increase when your teacher teaches you something new and then asks for a solution if you don’t understand something. You will find the solution to all the questions from your teacher as he will give you access to real-time base knowledge. As you are an AP expert, he will be able to answer all your micro-economic issues.


I hope now you know is AP Microeconomic hard or not.

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