Top 3 Best AP Physics 1 Review Book In 2022- AP Exam (Video Attached)

AP exams are essential for all of us as I attend the exam before you I can understand your thoughts and fears. An AP Physics exam mainly covers what you covered at your introductory college level.

There is also another topic such as energy, dynamic, DC circuits, kinematics, sound, mechanical waves, and some parts of inquiring based investigation methods.

So, what’s the impact of the best AP Physics 1 review book? You make a good score. You have to work in the lab. Because 25% of the marks are based on your lab work. But to cover your exams, you need the standard quality book.

As you may already know, there are thousands of types of books in the market. But for your convenience, I am going to give you some reviews about the best AP physics 1 book. So let’s get started:

Top 3 Best AP Physics 1 Review Book In 2022

Top 3 Best AP Physics 1 Review Book In 2022

#1 Cracking the AP Physics 1 Exam By Princeton Review


Princeton books are the number one books for any kind of AP exam. Princeton’s book, it has the top quality materials that you need for your exam. It explains in detail about algebra so that you can overcome your weakness. The book explains everything that you will be needed for your exams. Don’t worry if you miss any topics at the college level because, in the review part, it has the in-depth discussion of those topics.

Cracking the AP 1 physics exam book has the best information and recommendations. For students who want to review the course of AP physics. Princeton Review books are generally the best option for them, and the AP Physics 1 book is the same. The topics it covers:

You will be able to participate in two full-length questions. There is also an answer part so that you can make corrections of your mistakes.

There is a practice part at the end of every chapter, and you also get access to online exams and other resources.  The book has some best coverage of the essential topics. Princeton’s book is on the top of my suggestion. You cannot go wrong with this book.


  • You can get the updated version of the book from anywhere.
  • It has review exams.
  • You will also get the answer sheet.


  • A limited number of exercises.
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#2 5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics 1 Algebra-Based By Greg Jacobs

5 step to a 5 ap physics 1

One of the best AP Physics 1 review books is 5 to 5 steps. Some of the best online content which makes it a great option. Between the strong print content and great online features, you cannot miss this book.

It has a process-based approach and systematic approach that will help you to go through the book without facing no problem.

Through the book, you will be able to set your study plan. There are also some test questions so that you can find out your weak points. The strategies that they follow will help you to attend your main exam. They mainly cover the essential parts that you needed in the exams so that you don’t waste unnecessary time while reading other stuff. The book includes:

There are two full-length practice exams, so that you can measure your skills and knowledge. There are also numerous numbers of practicing questions because the book makes sure you have enough practice before you participate in the exams.

The 5 steps to a 5 book cover each and every topic that you need to know for your exams. This is what makes it one of the most recommended books for physics.


  • It is useful for your upcoming exam.
  • It contains two extensive practice tests.
  • You can use the book in your college level.
  • It has the best online content.


  • It is a bit different from other books.

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#3 AP Physics 1 Essential By Dan Fullerton

ap physics 1 essentials 2nd edition

AP Physics 1 Essentials is an excellent preparation book for the students who have mastered the topic and want to exercise the problems at home as in the exam. This is somewhat shortened and is an option for students with limited time.

This book is quite different from the others on the list, but it is a highly recommended book because of the large number of exercises and answers. It is best for those who want to pass the exam with a short period of practicing if you are looking for a book that will help you to prepare yourself in a quick note. The book covers:

It has about 600 practice questions. The students have a short period of time to prepare themselves; they can learn through practice problems.

It covers all the major topics that you will be needed for the AP physics exams. It has over 90 types of exam questions so that you will be able to answer any problem in the exam.


  • It has a large number of Examples.
  • Every topic in the book has a detailed explanation.
  • It offers you a lot of test practices.


  • The book has no online content.
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Information about the exam:

Physics is a subject of science that examines matter and its movement in space and time, and related concepts that are energy and force.  Physics is one of the “basic sciences” according to other natural science. People study physics to understand the interaction between matter and energy.

Physics involves asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them with experimentation and observation. Students who are taking the AP Physics exam are responsible for demonstrating their knowledge of the concepts and topics above.

The test is divided into two parts, each with a value of 50% of the final grade between 1 and 5. Physics AP 1 represents the first semester of an introductory course in algebraic physics covering materials in Newtonian mechanics: energy and power, work and simple promotional channels, mechanical and sound waves.


AP Physics 1 is not the most popular AP level course. But it gives the option for students who wanted to be self-sufficient. Because each student wants different things, I am trying to evaluate and highlight the pros and cons of each book.

I hope my suggestion will help you get a quick overview of the best AP physics 1 review book. Through my review, I try to give you information’s on the topics of these books.  I hope best for your upcoming exams, don’t panic, go with the flow and try to cover the issues fully.

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