Top 3 Best AP US History Review Book In 2022- AP Exam (Video Attached)

The AP US history book covers the history of the United States from 1491 to the present day. A student who reads US AP gets to know about events, famous people, developments, and processes that continue to this period. 

As a student, you may have to go through a lot of books for your better preparation. When I was a student, I also have done the same. But through this process, I also gain some experiences.

As I went through a lot of books, I found all the books did not have the same quality, and some did not cover the essential topics that you will be needed for your exams.

As your exam is coming soon for your convenience, I am going to give reviews for some best AP US history review books. So that you don’t need to waste your time while finding books. Shortlist of the books is given below:

Top 3 Best AP US History Review Book

Top 3 Best AP US History Review Book In 2022

Cracking the AP US History Exam By The Princeton Review

Princeton’s books are the best for any subject. If you get the text and start to prepare yourself according to it, you have the high chance to make a good score in your AP US history exams. The book is on top of my recommendation.


Princeton’s book has that you will be needed for your exams. Although it is not a textbook, every topic and information is described in detail. There may be some points that you had studied at your school level, and you did not remember them. In this case, the book has short notes of them so that it is easy for you to recall them. The book covers:

There are information, practices, and tips and tricks for your upcoming exams. There are also two full-length test practices so that you can get some idea before the actual exam takes place.

With the questions, you also get the answer guide to overcoming your mistakes. End of every chapter, there are reviews and summaries.  

There is no doubt that Princeton’s book is one of the best books in the market. You can use the book as both a long term supplement or as a last-minute reviewer.


  • Covers every topic.
  • You can use it as a year-long supplement.


  • It may be more challenging than the actual exam.

Barron’s AP United States History By Eugene V. Resnick

Barron AP exam rules and the US History Edition are usually high-quality sources. For the AP United States, there is no exception. Extensive information is available that you may need for the exams. Teaching materials and as well as in many online and practice exams are also available. 


Barron’s book is a world-class guide and is perfect as a textbook that your teacher may need. It works well throughout the year, and you can use it as a few days before the final exam. But Barron will not distract you. Barron’s book contains:

The book has two full-length test questions, including their answer, so that it becomes easy for you. It also provides three online tests. Every topic is described in detail for your better understanding. There are also some strategies for you to apply for your exams.


  • Detailed explanation helps you to understand the topics better.
  • Test exam practices and online practices both.
  • Well, the balance of all materials.


  • It can be challenging for you to memorize the whole book.

AP US History Crash Course Book By Larry Krieger, Gregory Feldmeth

AP is recognized for intensive history courses in the United States. It is not a fully revised exam, but an intensive course on which most of the important concepts and ideas are covered by the exam.

The book is most suitable for the final study, which has short reviews of the exam. 


If you plan well in advance, I recommend you a book with full orientation. So that it can provide more information with an in-depth explanation and additional resources. However, if you are late or looking for a quick review book so that you can pass the exam, I think the AP History Intensive Course will be best for you. The book contains:

It has free online practices and reviews of different terms and keys. There are so many practice options that you can prepare yourself for the exam through the exercises. The books summarize every topic so that you do need not to read the whole topic.


  • Lots of practice.
  • Summary of topics.
  • For last-minute exam practices.


  • You can use the book for a short term period.
  • Some of the important topics don’t have the required explanation.

Some Information About the Exam:

Some Information About the Exam

AP USA History is a two-semester university designed to be consistent with United States history and uses the same methods and programs as historians. There are no fixed or require classes, but students must be able to read and write at the tertiary level.

The AP History exam is one of the most extended AP exams and lasts for three hours and fifteen minutes. There are two parts: the multiple-choice questions section and the other the free questions section.

The first part exam takes one hour and consisting of 55 multiple choice questions and represents 50% of the total score.

To cover the full AP history course, there are seven key terms. All of the keys focus on different changes, historical issues, or events that took place in the past.

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AP US History requires content that contains a lot of information about the history of the United States. There are excellent resources to add to your course that you will find in the market.

The book we discussed above is one of the best books for the AP US History programs.

No matter which book you choose, the result will depend on your preparation. If you get, the best AP US history reviewed the book and don’t have proper preparation; you cannot make a good result.

I hope now you know about the best AP US history review book. So choose the book which is suitable for you and good luck with your upcoming exams.

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