How Long Does It Take To Assemble IKEA Desk? {The Ultimate Guide}

Assembling an IKEA desk is not a difficult thing to do. Anyone who has some knowledge about DIY can assemble this desk very without any problem. So, how long does it take to assemble IKEA desk? Aassembling an IKEA desk can take almost 30 minutes.

IKEA furniture is the ideal choice for many homes. It’s perfect because it costs cheaper, it is very lightweight and very easy to assemble. It doesn’t look how it sounds. If you have not any DIY experience, then you can have a tough time assembling it.

Even many seasoned DIYers will surpass a tough time while assembling it. Because the parts can be so confusing, and the instructions can be a difficult thing to understand.

However, if you don’t have any experience of assembling an IKEA desk, don’t worry; we are here to cover your back. In this guide, we will show you how to make an IKEA desk very quickly.

How Long Does It Take To Assemble IKEA Desk


How Long Does It Take To Assemble IKEA Desk?

How Long Does It Take To Assemble IKEA Desk

Let’s dive in!

Hold to Your Skill Level

According to the IKEA website, they claim that this IKEA furniture is intended for easy assembling.

But if you are a newbie in the flat-packed furniture world, then it’s a good idea to be aware that you will find some items from IKEA that will be significantly more challenging to put together than other furniture.

That is exceptionally accurate that if you are having lackings some valuable basic skills.

However, suppose you are having trouble and find yourself struggling to assemble any other products that also include American-produced furniture with instructions provided in well-phrased English.

In that case, you should be practical and not be shocked by the hardship with IKEA furniture. Particular commodities that come packaged in more than one or two boxes can be a ballad challenge for newbies to assemble.

To understand a product when it goes above your skill level, follow these simple rules.

  • First of all, go to IKEA’s official website and find the flat-packed item on the webpage that you want to purchase.
  • Then, snap on the production information option.
  • Now, give it a look at the category labeled, “Package measurements and weight.” This option will give the number of boxes containing the product’s components.
  • To give an example, a short bookcase from the ​​Billy Series will be arranged in one small box. When some other bookcases are also from the same publisher, they will come in the unassembled form and contain nine different combinations.

However, assembling the IKEA furniture has become easier because it has made a video where you can watch and learn how to assemble it.


Avoid From Buying The Dented Box

Avoid From Buying The Dented Box.jpeg

IKEA has some problems in that they pack their furniture using insignificant packaging stuff. Also, they don’t include any extra protections like bubble wrap or something like crinkle-cut paper.

That is the reason why we suggest you not to buying the dented box. You can accurately predict that the materials present in the package can be damaged.

Suppose that you recently came to your home from buying the IKEA furniture from the shop and found that the flat-packed furniture you that you bought is not in a good appearance.

That means it is broken or damaged. In this situation, you may get a really hard shock regarding this. However, for many sellers, this won’t be such a huge problem.

But if you are talking about IKEA furniture, then you always have to avoid buying any furniture, including a broken shipping box.

To avoid this situation, you can follow these steps:

  • Accurately examine each of the boxes and search for any damages while buying.
  • If you find any dented, scratched, or irritated package, it doesn’t matter how little the damage is, return it back and don’t buy that. Get another package and repeat the inquiry process.

Don’t Damage the Product While Assembling

The melamine veneer on IKEA furniture is so adorable. Because it is very easy to clean, but this melamine veneer is also easy to scratch and easy to break during the assembling process.

But you can avoid these mistakes by following these simple steps.

  • You will need a clear floor to assemble, And it’s better to get a bigger surface. It will help to avoid damage.
  • Place a fabric cloth under the elements so that it doesn’t get scratch while assembling. You can also use the cardboard that came with the furniture.

Utilize Glue

Utilize Glue

The IKEA furniture will lose its durability if you assemble it in a cheaper way. The IKEA products have to assemble in a tight fit way.

Secure the joints with something harder things. And glue is the perfect option to use here. Glue can secure the joints perfectly.

Also, you can demonstrate your IKEA furniture looks premium and expensive. If you use glue on the joints, it can make it harder to remove and prevent them from wobbling.

Use Hammer in the Dowels

Use Hammer in the Dowels

You can use a hammer to insert the wooden dowels perfectly. It can be difficult, and time is costing to insert the wood dowels seat in the holes. So, using a hammer will be helpful to insert it.

But make sure to rub some glue before inserting the dowels. While inserting it, dub some glue at the end of the dowel. Then use the hammer to insert it.


1.How long does it take to assemble the IKEA desk?

Ans: There are some Ikea components that include a lot of assemblies. So, it is a good idea to plan the assembly for over two days.

2.Are Ikea desks Easy to assemble?

Ans: Yes, these are easy to assemble. IKEA made the products for easy assembling. So, anyone can assemble it easily.

Final Words

Assembling an IKEA desk is not a difficult thing to do. Anyone who has some knowledge about DIY can assemble this desk very without any problem.

But many people don’t know how long it does take to assemble an IKEA desk. I hope now you know how long does it take to assemble IKEA desk. So, we tried to cover up every detail about time management!

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