Top 3 Best AP Calculus BC Review Book In 2022 (Video Attached)

As part of an advanced work program, two advanced calculation courses are provided: Calculus BC and Calculus AB. AP Calculus AB is a university calculation course in the first semester, and best AP Calculus BC review book is equivalent to a university calculation in the first and second semesters.

AP Calculus BC exam is a very standardized test, which makes it one of the most challenging subjects. AP Calculus exam consists of six free-response questions and 45 multiple-choice questions.

You will get 3 hours to complete your exam. There can also some graphical questions. For them, you may have to use the graphic calculator for some sections.

When you are thinking of taking part in any exam, it’s essential to choose the right book. So that you can prepare yourself for the exams. As you may already know, calculus is quite a hard subject, so you have to select the best AP calculus books.


A list of best AP Calculus bs review books is given below:


Top 3 Best AP Calculus BC Books Reviews

1 AP Calculus AB Lecture Notes By Rita Korsunsky

This is quite different from all the other books of AP calculus. You will find all the books with a review guide attached to the practice test. But on the other hand, this book has lecture notes which provide you a large number of examples and explanations.

You cannot go wrong with this book because it mainly focuses on every concept and formula that you will be needed in the Calculus exam. A well-known lecturer writes the paper.

In this book, she mainly covers all the topics that she used in her AP Calculus Exams if you get the book and prepare yourself according to the book, you have a high chance to reach grade 5.

This book is helpful for the students who have to get a hard time to understand the explanation because everything is written in detail in the AP Calculus AB Lecture notes. The book contains:

  • The book has full reviews and slides of AP Calculus exams.
  • It has the lists of formulas that you will be needed in the exams.
  • It explains every topic.

If you get the book, it will be easy for you to gather all the information about the AP Calculus exam.


  • Everything is written in detail.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Have full explanations.
  • Explanation of formulas
  •  You don’t need others to help.


  • There is no review section.

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2 Barron’s AP Calculus Flash Cards By David Bock, Dennis Donovan, Shirley Hockett

Barron’s books have quite the same quality. So as this book, writers of this book gather the best topics to build the book. The book has best reviews from any other book in the market. If you study effectively, I think you will be able to make a good score in the upcoming AP exams.

Barron’s AP Calculus Flash Cards book covers all the topics about both calculus AB and BC. It also has functions, formulas, graphs, and more. The book is an asset of 300 physical flashcards.

The book has reviewed all the topics covered in past exams. There is also a test section for both Calculus AB and BC exams. Barron’s AP Calculus Flash Cards book has an additional solution so that it becomes easy for you to find the correct answer.


  • It has a large variety of questions.
  • The book has an explanation of every question.
  • You can prepare yourself for both Calculus AB and BC exams.
  • You will be able to know how to use a graphics calculator.
  • The book has well balanced with everything that you need for the exams.


  • As it covers all the topics, it will become hard for you to focus on one thing at a time.

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3 Cracking the AP Calculus BC Exam 2020 edition By the Princeton Review

Again, Princeton is at the top of our list of the best guides in the AP calculus AB exams. Calculus AB and BC students will find valuable information in this book.

The book offers you full-length practice tests. So that you can have some knowledge about how the question will be, you will be able to get the updated version of the book every year.

The book also offers online key terms and online study plans. After finishing each chapter, there is a practice section, especially for the chapter. Princeton explains every formula that is in the book.

With so many resources and online tutorials to help you with your curriculum to your specific needs, you can’t miss this book.


  • The book has exclusive practice tests.
  • The book contains the topics that cover AP Calculus AB exams.
  • It has explanations so that you can improve your Calculus skills.


· The test in the book is quite harder than the actual test, although it can be a pro to you.

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Some Information About Ap Calculus Exam:

Some Information About Ap Calculus Exam

The AP Calculus AB and BC exam will assess the mathematical concepts covered in the course sections, as well as your ability to use the correct formulas and methods used to solve problems and relate your work to the exact ideas. A graphing calculator is licensed for part of the test.

AP Calculus AB is a very challenging exam, but AP exams cover less material and move more slowly than the other reviews. AP Calculus BC often covers only everything taught in Calculus AB. You travel faster than the calculator, so you have to be ready to keep up.

AP Calculus Students taking the AB exams are responsible for demonstrating their knowledge of each of the above learning objectives by solving various options and answering free questions.


I think you get enough information to select a book for yourself. So grab your book and get ready for the exams. Calculus is such a subject that needs a lot of practice so don’t waste your time. I hope now you know about the best AP calculus BC review book.

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