Top 3 Best AP Chemistry Review Book In 2022-Don’t Buy Before Read

Advanced Placement Chemistry is a course and exam arranged by the University Council as part of the program’s advanced placement to allow college students to demonstrate their skills and earn credit at the university level.

AP chemistry teaches you to think at a higher level. You must think hard and apply the concepts to new situations. You can use it even in your own theories.

It is excellent preparation for you if you are a higher level of thinker, which is required in college. So, for your better preparation, you need the best AP chemistry book.

It depends as you know AP Chemistry is one of the most challenging courses. But it is certainly possible if you take the time and effort to learn everything. More or less, a memorandum is required if you only know how to use the equations.

To prepare yourself for the science exams you have to have both knowledge and skills. There are many books about AP chemistry exams, but only the best books can help you to have 5 out of 5.

Top 3 Best AP Chemistry Review Book In 2022


I recommend some books which will help you to prepare yourself to attend the most important exam of the year. Some of the best AP chemistry book review is given below:

Top 3 Best AP Chemistry Review Book Reviews In 2022

1 Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam

This book is especially useful for practical problems and if you are already working well on the subject.

Princeton Review is usually at the top of AP Testimonials for AP Testimonials. This preparation book is a valuable resource for all students preparing for an AP Chemistry degree. The main features are:

  • Two long-term exams.
  • Review of laboratory methods and equipment.
  • The exam information for the current year has been updated.
  • Practice at the end of each section.

Here is a list of key concepts that will help you focus on learning.

With low prices and useful content, AP Chemistry Cracking is ranked as the best general book on this list.

It first provides an overview of the content it addresses and guides readers in creating a curriculum that meets their needs. Some many images and images allow you to save content that is easy to use.


  • There are tips for creating an educational plan and asking different questions.
  • Take two full practice tests, plus multiple-choice questions and free answers at the end of each section.
  • Keep what you need to know for the exam.
  • Exercise problems are high level and repeat well the content of the test.


  •  Some students complain that the answers are too scattered in the notes, mainly regarding measurable changes.
  •  It moves relatively quickly through materials and tends to cross the surface of many elements.

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2 5 Steps to A5 By John Moore & Richard Langley

As you know chemistry is one of the hardest subjects in science. A 5 to 5 step guide is a comprehensive, highly informative research guide, including practice tests, exams, and more.

I am sure this book will help you for your upcoming chemistry exams. There are work program sections in the guidelines that will help you develop the best approach for specific reviews. The book contains:

  • It includes two extensive training exams and two available online.
  • Opinions on practical exams at the end of the section.
  • Access an online application with additional content, such as other practical questions.

This is a severe competitor due to the extra equipment and features in the overall book. It has an intuitive structure that will help even unstructured students how to be succeeded.


  • It offers four practical exams, two in a book, and two in online.
  • It provides study plans that you can customize according to your needs.
  • It provides your AP Planner application that you can use with the book.
  • Essential equations are given at the beginning of each section of the topic.
  • Just stay to find what you need to try
  • Complex terms have friendly and understandable explanations
  • A vocabulary and aptitude test is included at the end of each section


  • There is less explanation about the questions.

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3 Barron’s AP Chemistry

The Barron AP Chemistry Test Book is an excellent resource for exam preparation, as is the case with most Barron guides. The revised manual provides answers and explanations to 6 practical exams consist of three diagnostic exams and three comprehensive exams. A full review of key learning objectives is also included. The book has:

  • Three high actual tests (with answers and explanations).
  • It has three diagnostic tests.
  • It has tips and test methods.
  • Access to 3 bonus vouchers on the Internet.

AP Barron Chemistry Diagnostic Exams help a student decide where to focus for a limited period of study. Extensive practice exams on the go will help you assess your preparation for the real exam. In general, test instructions are highly recommended by the teachers to the students.


  • It includes six practice tests, three diagnoses, and three complete practice exams.
  • Help you identify what you need to improve.


  • There are some errors in the practical tests.
  • It depends on the amount of material you need to know to test to waste time.
  • More difficult questions than the actual exam.

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Some Information About Ap Chemistry Exam

Some Information About Ap Chemistry Exam

These are my suggestions for the best books that you can use to prepare yourself for the AP Chemistry exam. For every book, I have listed the pros and cons, summarize my thoughts, and summary of the topics that every book covers.

The three AP chemistry books are your best bets to review your teaching material fully and effectively. These review books are the books you can think of to get additional training or educational programs. You can say that it will help you in many ways.


At the end of this article, I have given you my thoughts and suggestions. I hope after reading the recommendations, you can find a suitable book for you. I hope now you know about the best AP chemistry book. So, don’t waste your time and start preparing yourself for the exams.

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