The Best Ap Language Review Books In 2022-Don’t Buy Before Read

Preparing for an exam is always hard for anybody. To prepare yourself for a review, you have to have the right books. But sometimes it is not possible to get the right book for lack of correct information. So, what are the best AP language review books?

If you are going to attend the AP English Language exam, stop worrying. Because you have come to the right place for information. Here you will be able to know about the best AP English review books.

There are a lot of books of AP English Language exam but do they all have the same standard. Obliviously not, all books do not have the same standard.

The Best Ap Language Review Books In 2022


You maybe already know that Ap exams are quite strict. The students who attend the AP exam, among them only 47.4% of students can get the passing grade.

Students think that they cannot pass the exam because the exam requires the idea that you are not entirely familiar or even the things that you don’t know.  It’s not like that.

Students may fail because they don’t know how to use rules or the mastery of writing English. This is why you should get the AP English Language and composition book. Because in these books, every rules and regulation are described in detail.

To make it easy for you, I am going to give you some suggestions about AP English language books. So that you can choose the right books for you. AP English Language: Timed AP Exam Practice.

Top 3 Best Ap Language Review Books Review

#1 The Language of Composition By Renee Shea

You can call it a textbook, let nor call it s review book. The language of the composition book contains such vital materials that you can use them all over your educational life. If you get this book, you will be able to prepare yourself not only for AP exams but also for composition exams.

A group of English experts who have wide experience in teaching English put the book together. This book is also primarily written for composition courses and AP English Language.

The exciting thing about the book is it shows you the subjects in an exciting way. Through the book, you can quickly get engaged to stories, essays, and poetry.

You have to understand that the preparation you are doing is not only for upcoming AP English Language and compositions. You know that college exams are also important. This book will help you to prepare yourself for both of the reviews.

The book is specially made for high school students who can use the book for improving their writing. You can find the book as a medium for enhancing your abilities in the English language.

Any text should be cover months before any exams. However, as the book is written of AP English language and Composition courses, you can find everything that you will be needed in the Ap English language Exams.

If you can cover the book before your exam, I think you have great possibilities to do good in your following exams.

The one thing that might worry you may be the price. If you are thinking to buy the book only for the course, it might be right for you to buy a used one. In this way, it will become more reasonable.

You have to keep in mind that, the book is made for the course but if you practice it, again and again, it will improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Book Summary:

  • You will get the idea of how you should use the English language in different perspectives.
  • The book contains a brief explanation of each of the topics it covers.

How It Could Help You:

  • This book will help you to cover every topic related to the exam.
  • Don’t think that alter the course is complete; the book will become useless. It will also help you to make a good score in your college exams.

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#2 AP English Language & Composition Crash Course By Dawn Hogue

If you are finding a book with both reasonable in price a good quality, then this is the book. You maybe think that if this book is also be used in the AP English language course, then why the first book has a higher price.

You can use the book only for the AP exams. Because the book only contains the topics which are needed for the reviews. This book is more specified and targeted for AP English language & Composition Crash Course.

When you are covering the issues that will only be covered in the AP exams beside this, you also have to work on your writing and answering multiple-choice questions.

There is a part of the book called expert advice; in this part, you will learn about many tricks and strategies that you can apply in your upcoming exams. It also offers you practicing tests. In this way, you will be able to practice yourself at home.

 Book Summary:

  • Focused only on the subjects that will be needed in the AP English language exams.
  • It comes with different tips and tricks that you may not able to find in other books.

How It Could Help You:

  • You need not read another thing which is not related to your exams.
  • Through this book, you will be able to concentrate on your AP English language exams.

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#3 Cracking the AP English Language & Composition Exam 2021, Premium Edition

This book will give you the idea of an in-depth summary of the AP English language and composition topics. If you face any problem of explanation, this book will help to solve it.

It also gives you tips on how you could improve your writing skills. It is easy to find an updated version of the book because the author updated them regularly. There is some information that will help you to participate in your college exams.

There are several examples which can help you to improve your writing and gives a unique effect to your writing.

The book also contains a test question for your practice and multiple-choice questions to provide you with a proper idea about the exam.

Book Summary:

  • Detail of every topic that you will be needed in your Ap English language exam.
  • Offers full-length practice exams which is more difficult compare to the other.

How It Could Help You:

  • Offers you question that you can practice at home.
  • Balance of everything that you need to know for the exams.

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Although English can be your native language, attending an exam in a native language always needs extra preparation. To prepare yourself book plays an important role. The selection of a good book can increase your confidence which helps to do good in the examination.

But sometimes review can be quite tricky when you know about the topics which will be covered. So in short, you can go to review books. It will help to get a quick revision, and you will be able to know which topics are covered by the book.

There are a lot of books in the market for AP English language exams. But I think this book will help you to prepare yourself for exams and your future both. I hope now you know what are the best AP language review books.

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