Top 3 Best AP Macroeconomics Books Review 2022

AP Macroeconomics is a broad subject and it introduces the whole concepts of the economic system. It discusses all the concepts which apply to the economic system. It’s a broad and difficult subject.  It emphasizes topics like national income, price determination, performance measures, and more.

The goal of this course is to provide the candidates with instructions equivalent to an introductory college macroeconomics class. This is not an easy subject and it requires hard work to score a 5. So, as you see; the AP Macroeconomics exam seems difficult to get a 5, but it’s not impossible. If you take the right steps, then you can make a good score in the exam.


You just need proper resources, the right guidance, hard work, and self-confidence. You can do well enough in the exam even you forget about the exam until a month before. You can prepare yourself within a month with the right resources. And here, we are going to present to you some of the best AP Macroeconomics books for self-preparation for the exam.

Top 3 Best AP Macroeconomics Books Review 2022

Top 3 Best AP Macroeconomics Books Review 2021

1.Barrons’s AP Macroeconomics with Online TestBarrons’s AP Macroeconomics with Online Test

Barron’s books are great and helping the students for many years in various subjects. Barron’s AP Macroeconomics is another addition to their success lineup and this book follows an extremely detailed approach of macroeconomics.  It’s a great practice book for the students who want to do great in the AP Macroeconomics exam This book contains proper resources, right guidelines, and practice tests that help a candidate to prepare him/ her properly.

This book comes with some useful practice tests and review materials. This book covers vital concepts of AP Macroeconomics such as supply and demand, market structures, consumer theory, national income, GDP, financial policies, economic growth, inflation, and many more. In a word, this book covers the full concepts of AP Macroeconomics.

In addition, this book comes with included 2 practice tests which are similar to the final test paper. You can practice with these practice tests to get familiar with the final test paper.  As a result, you’ll be more confident about the exam. Not only the included practice test, it also offers online practice tests.

You can practice online too. You can access it from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And most importantly, this book has detailed answers and well-explanations at the end of every chapter and test. So, it lets you practice and judge yourself. 

This book is for them who want to familiarize themselves with the tough concepts of this challenging AP Macroeconomic course. This book has a decent guideline and proper resources for the exam.  You just need to practice more and more. This book is designed specially so that you can easily understand and practice, and make yourself a strong candidate for the test.


  • The detailed and thorough approach of full concepts;
  • Covers vital topics of AP Macroeconomics;
  • Included practice tests and online tests;
  • Contains useful AP questions of Macro and microeconomics;
  • Full and easy explanation at the end of the chapters;


  • Limited practice test;
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2.Crash CourseAP Macroeconomics

Crash CourseAP MacroeconomicsIf you’re running on time for your AP Macroeconomics exam but you need to do a decent score, then this book should be your priority.  This book is written especially for the last-minute crammers. This book is great for helping the students to recapitulate every essential topic of AP Macroeconomics in a short period of time.

This book covers the topics which are likely to be tested on the final exam. This book offers easy-to-approach format and this is the biggest highlight of this practice book. The author of this book used easy words, simple examples, and easy-to-grasp language to explain the complex concept of the tough AP Macroeconomics concept. As a result, the student can understand the topics of the course very easily, and in a short time.

This book is mainly for the crammers, so it focused on the “things” you’ll need actually in the exam. It’s a great book for getting a good score by studying for a short time.  But if you have the proper time and want to study properly, then you shouldn’t choose this book. This practice book comes with a detailed analysis of the AP Macroeconomics course. It also offers important AP tests.

This book features full-length practice tests as like as others practice books. Though it’s written for the crammers, it covers the explanations of global trade and finances, economic growth and performance, determination of price, inflation, unemployment, and better enough.

And most importantly, it offers useful test strategies that are great for doing well in the exam. This practice book also has added important and required formulas and definitions of the AP Macroeconomics exam.  And the practice-tests are made based on the analysis. So, you get the best practice tests. We just say that this practice book will exceed your expectations in every department. 


  • Ideal for candidates who are short on time;
  • Included important and required formulas and definitions;
  • Covers critical concept in a logical way;
  • Targeted review of materials for the exam for short-time preparation;
  • Easy-to-grasp method and useful test-taking strategies; 


  • Limited number of full-length practice tests;

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3.Cracking the AP Economics (Micro & Macro Exams).Cracking the AP EconomicsPrinceton Review is a promising book publisher and you’ll never get disappointed with their books. And the Cracking the AP Economics is one of the best-selling books from the publisher. This book is pretty good for both the Micro & Macro AP Economics exams.

It has included targeted strategies for every type of question of the course. Besides, this practice book features 2 full-length practice tests which are great for self-practicing. And at the end of the practice tests and chapters, there is a set of answers and detailed explanations.

This book features a strong and proven strategy for doing great in the final exam, and it’s the greatest plus point of the practice book.  The tried-and-tested technique of this book helps the student a lot to score a decent result. This book also has a useful guideline that prepares you to pace yourself and guess more logically.

And that’s why this practice book is different from others. You can end up your study faster and better. Along with those features, this book also covers the common topics of AP Economics such as, supply, demand, inflation, and many more.

In addition, you get included important charts and figures that help you to illustrate the market conditions, theories, and market trends. This book also offers you to get access to the online study plans, updated information of the exam, and useful list of important terms. Overall, this is a fine book that can help you to achieve your goal.


  • Features 2 full-length practice tests;
  • Supplement of well-reasoned answer for the questions;
  • Important charts and figures;
  • Detailed explanation of full-length tests for self-practice;


  • Less detail and depth of the concepts;

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The 3 books we reviewed above are well enough to study the AP Macroeconomics by yourself and practice at home. You can choose any of these books to practice.  But make sure that you choose the book that suits most of your requirements.


I hope now you know the best AP Macroeconomics books. Just follow the book, and work hard. You’ll surely do well in your final exam. Best of luck!

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