Top 5 Best AP Physics C Prep Book Reviews In 2022 – (Video)

The AP Physics course has 3 parts; AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and AP Physics C. And among these three exams, AP Physics C is considered as the most arduous.

This part of AP Physics features magnetism and electrical based topics such as electric circuits, magnetic fields, electromagnetism, and many more.

This branch of AP Physics is for those who want to do major in either physical science or engineering fields. This AP Physics C is a dream of many students. This article we review the top 5 best ap Physics C prep book.

Of course, this is a hard topic, and students who take it know that. So they work harder than usual and as a result, it has the highest pass rate compared to 1 and 2.

Studies show that about 70% of candidates score a 3 or above, and about 30% of candidates score a 5 in this exam. You’re here because you are ready to take the challenge and work hard.

Top 5 Best AP Physics C Prep Book


But besides hard work, you need proper guidance too to achieve your goal. And here, we’re going to present you the best AP Physics preparation books just to keep you on pace.

Top 5 Best AP Physics C Prep Book Reviews In 2022

#1 5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics C 2020

If you want to get ready for your AP Physics C exam yourself, then you might want a book that can help you to get prepared properly. And the “5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics C 2020” is the book all you need. This book is written step by step as you need to know about AP Physics C.

This is a great companion for students. This book is dedicated to providing you with the familiar question model of the exam day. It improves your skills and makes you familiar with the test more easily. 

On the other hand, this workbook helps you to enhance your way of understanding the AP Physics C. The chapters of the book are placed wisely so that you can understand every lesson of the book. This book takes you slowly to the topic and when you’re at the end of the topic, you’re like an expert on that topic!

Well, I didn’t mean that you’ll become an expert on a topic with the help of this book. I meant you’ll understand the topic fully, and by yourself only. Yes, that is the specialty of this workbook. 

This book is enriched with 3 full-length practice exams that make you confident enough the sit for the exam without any kind of tension.

And the comprehensive AP Physics C exam format and hundreds of practice exercises throughout the answer explanation help you to be the best candidate for the exam.

Additionally, you get a free AP planner app that can make your plan for your studies. This is simply one of the best AP Physics C exam preparation books available there. 


  • Effective problem-solving application and online resources;
  • Well-placed resources for every topic;


  • Some words may feel confusing;
  • Fewer practice tests than other course books;

#2 Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2020 Edition

The “Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2020 Edition” is another great self-practice book for the candidates of AP Physics C. It’s a pretty good book for getting ready for your AP Physics C exam yourself. This book contains 2 full-length practice tests similar to the final test.

You can get more qualified for the exam with the practice tests of this book. This book also contains well-explained questions and answer at the end of every chapter. This provided question-answer and strategies that make you a better candidate for beating your AP exam.

In the new edition of this book, there is the use of charts. This method is applied to improve the conveyance of important information and conceptualization. Simply, this book is a great resource for the AP Physics C candidates.

This book also offers diagnostic questions that help you assess your current understanding to focus your study time. It’s a simple but working method to keep you on the right track. And as an AP Physics C student, you have to be always on track. 

This practice book comes with practice drills at the end of each topic. You can test your learning after every chapter.  It’s a good thing.

But the most amazing part of this book is its test-taking strategies! Every practice book has practice tests but this book has the best test-taking strategies.

If you practice with this, you can get more familiar with the final test and you can do a lot better, trust me! Though some wording of the book can be confusing, it’s still one of the best AP Physics C practice books.


  • Curriculum-based topic coverage;
  • Included full-length tests;


  • Inadequate explanation on few concepts and irrelevant test questions;

#3 Barron’s AP Physics C

Barron’s AP Physics C is one of the best AP Physics resource books for the AP Physics C examinee. This book is dependable and contains a decent set of practice materials.

This book offers strong organization and comprehensive chapter coverage that helps the students a lot to get ready for their AP exams.

This book contains 2 full-length practice test and a diagnostic test that make the students more comfortable to sit for the exam.

In this book, the chapters are well-placed and well-explained. So, you can get on a topic very easily. In addition, this book features tips for focusing on your study effort. The tips help you to keep your focus on study so that you can succeed on your hard AP Physics C exam.

This book contains some irrelevant or outdated theme and you might find a limited explanation of some topics. But that’s not a big deal. This book is a great resource for students who like to read and absorb material systematically. 


  • An appendix of Physics C equations;
  • Strong organization and comprehensive topic coverage;


  • Contains irrelevant themes and limited explanation on some topics;


I hope now you know best ap Physics C prep book.

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