Top 3 Best DAT Prep Book Reviews In 2022- Don’t Buy Before Read

Dental admission organized by the American Dental Association (DAT), and it has been conducted nationwide since the 1960s. It measures the overall academic ability, scientific understanding, and ability of prospective dental students to engage them with an appropriate study system.

DAT is available throughout the year and is delivered to computer-controlled protein workshops. Competent student assistants are critical factors in achieving good results and getting into the right dental school. It is a great advantage to wait for what you expect when you take the exam.

Top 3 Best DAT Prep Book Reviews In 2022

Every book has its weakness and strength. We will discuss the details below and select the best DAT preparation books that will help you review and read DAT. For your better reparation a shortlist is given below:

Top 3 Best Dat Prep Book Reviews In 2022

1 DAT Prep Plus By Kaplan

Kaplan is one of the most recommendations for DAT preparation book for many years, and this year it continues this tradition. The most comprehensive dental exam takes the book that you can get to your hand and with high-quality online and printed resources to help you to become successful. Complete list of features covered by this book:

The book provides your exams. It has two full online based reviews that help you prepare yourself and gives you an idea of how the exam will be. As a student, you may have to read many books, but through this book, you can get over 600 questions about all the topics.

There is also a review sheet so that you can go for further review. All the topics that are cover in the book have the review sheet.  You will also get a review of past exam questions.

The production updates the book every year. So don’t be worry about getting the updated version. The review may seem hard to you but think about it positively. It helps you to prepare yourself for the real exams.


  • Best quality book.
  • Offers online exams.
  • You can get online print resources.
  • Review sections.


  • There are some typing errors.

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2 Cracking the DAT The Princeton

In my opinion, cracking the DAT book is my second choice. As I already mention choosing the right book helps you to get 50% of your marks. This book offers you full reviews of all past exams. It has plenty of review materials available for you to get an idea of the exam. Cracking the DAT book covers the topics below:

As well as the DAT preparation book, it also offers you two full online reviews. I think you can understand the importance of online reviews. If you are looking for more explanations for every topic, I think this book is best for you. Because there is a full explanation of every problem for your better understanding.

When you buy the book, you will also get a full-color reference guide. In the guide, they discussed many tips and tricks that you can apply in your exams. The book also offers an in-depth review of every test topic so that you can correct your mistakes.

You can use the book as a longer-term study guide. I believe it will help you to understand all the topics as it has a detailed explanation. If you choose the book, you won’t regret it.


  • Offers online exams.
  • Explanation of every topic.
  • Has a reference guide.


  • As everything explained in detail, you may have to find for the most critical topics.

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3 DAT General Chemistry Practice Questions By Sterling Test Prep

If general chemistry is a key factor for you to take the exam, or if you are not reading DAT the first time you try it, this book can be beneficial. With over a thousand questions about challenges and structures similar to real exams, it’s a great way to prepare yourself and leading up to the exam. The book covers:

The questions in the DAT general chemistry program are an additional questionnaire to review general chemistry. It contains more than 1,150 preliminary questions covering all general topics.

The book also has all the essential topics that you will be needed for your exams. All the problems have an explanation for your better understanding.

Practicing a lot of questions helps you to memorize your lessons. And this book offers you so much practice questions that you may do not need other help. You can rely on this book properly, go through every topic and practice a lot of test questions.


  • Offer tons of practice.
  • Everything is written in detail.
  • Highlight the essential topics.


  • It does not offer you the reference guide.

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Some Information About DAT Preparation

Some Information About DAT Preparation.jpeg

For potential dentists, they need to have the academic data, along with the basis of the DAT application. Although each dental school has a different weight and it is in your best opportunity to reach the best level. Given the cost of the exam, it is also a good idea to minimize the hours you spend.

The dental acceptance test (DAT) includes a wide range of components distributed in four tests:

  1. Natural sciences
  2. Aptitude tests,
  3. Comprehension tests and
  4. Quantitative reasoning.

The test is based on science and described it as the structure of a similar mathematical and scientific part of the SAT, except that it is more complicated. For the preparation of DAT that the main subjects studied were organic chemistry, general chemistry, biology, and analytical skills.


For dentists of the future, the DAT is the essential exam to prepare. Many flashcards, textbooks, and practice tests will help you to make a good score in the exam. The information on the best books for the DAT exam is already given.

So grab your ideal book and start preparing yourself to be a dentist. Whatever book you choose doesn’t matter, just make sure you practice a lot. I wish you the best for your upcoming exams.

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