Top 5 Best IKEA Desk For Gaming 2022-IKEA Computer Desk

There’s no need for us to introduce IKEA. With the quality and aestheticism of its product, IKEA has been retaining its renowned position in the world furniture market for decades now.

When it comes to furnishing your home with the classiest quality product, it’s most likely that IKEA pops into your head.

And if you’re the kind of gamer who prioritizes not just the configuration of the PC but the whole setup, then this article is for you.

If you keep up with the gaming world’s news, then you may have come to know that IKEA is coming in partnership with ASUS’s gaming brand ROG to build dedicated gaming desks.

They’ve already signed a contract on this, but more on that later. In this article, we’re going to talk about 5 of the best IKEA desk for gaming.

Top 5 Best IKEA Desk For Gaming 2022


Top 5 Best IKEA Desk For Gaming Reviews

By far IKEA has made a lot of desks. Although they haven’t officially made any dedicated gaming desks, some of their already made desks are perfect for not just gaming setup, but for an aesthetic look too. So without any further ado, let’s dig into it.

1 IKEA Micke Desk (White)

If your gaming setup is a small one and you intend to put only your monitor on the desk then this is the perfect desk for you. This is IKEA’s one of the smallest desks there is.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space in your room. If you’re into minimalistic decoration and like to decorate your room that way, then this desk is just perfect for you. best ikea desk for gaming

The dimension of this desk is 19.7×28.75×29.5 inches. This desk is really practical. With this dimension, it can easily hold a large monitor or a large laptop with a couple of speakers beside it. It can easily take up to 25KGs. 

If you’re okay with putting your CPU underneath the table, then this desk is perfect for you. It fits just about anywhere in the room. It has a cool cable management system on the top right corner.

It comes with only one drawer, but the drawer is pretty spacious than regular drawers.  


  • Small and handy. Fits anywhere in the room.
  • The finishing work is glorious. You can even put it in the middle of your room. 
  • Mountable legs. 
  • Cable management system and a large drawer with a built-in drawer stop. 


  • Too small for a large setup. 
  • Cannot hold the CPU, monitor, and speakers altogether. 

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2 IKEA Micke Computer Desk

You really liked the previous desk, but it was too small for you, right? Well, this desk from IKEA is like a larger version. If you buy two of the previous Micke desk, you get this. This model is particularly designed keeping the required workspace in mind. IKEA Micke Computer Desk

You can easily put everything on top of this table. Or if you have to use two monitors, then you can just keep your CPU underneath with the cable management system and have more than enough space for both your monitors and speakers. 

 The dimension of this desk is 56×20×29 inches. Like mentioned earlier, it can easily make enough room for your setup no matter how big it might be. It has the same cable management system as the previous one on the top right corner.

All the other features are pretty much the same but only twice as many. It comes with two large drawers. You can keep all your necessary stationery safely there. 


  • Spacious to make enough room for a large setup. 
  • Stylish with a very well finished back and can be put anywhere in the room. 
  • Two drawers with pre-installed drawer stops.  
  • Adjustable legs.


  • Drawers’ positioning might make it a little short in height for some people.
  • Needs assembling. 

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3 IKEA Micke Desk (Blackish Brown)

If you don’t like the white color much and are more into dark stuff, then here’s IKEA’s dark brown computer desk. It’s a top-notch product for literally anyone out there. Design-wise, it’s almost identical to the long IKEA desk you saw right up.  IKEA MICKE desk, Black-brown

 The dimension of this desk is 55.88×19.63×29.5 inches, slightly less than the white desk. The area difference can’t even be seen with the naked eye. You can put your monitor and CPU altogether up on the table. Although you can create some extra room for more of your stuff if you put your CPU underneath the desk. 

This desk also comes with two spacious drawers with built-in stops inside. You can put all your necessary things there. The stylish look of this desk enables you to put it anywhere in the room. But if your room has a particular dark zone, it might be perfect for that area. 


  • Outstanding dark-brown design.
  • Wood-metal sturdy built quality. 
  • Fits anywhere in the room. Can even be used as a room divider in the middle of the room. 
  • Easy installation. 


  • Not suitable for tall people. 

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4 IKEA New Computer Desk

 Now if you’re looking for a simple and basic desk made by IKEA, here you go. It’s a pretty standard desk, probably one of the simplest from IKEA. It doesn’t come with any drawers or any cable management system. IKEA New Computer Desk

 But it’s pretty handy, to be honest. If you don’t have a desktop gaming setup and want a desk from IKEA for multiple uses, then you can go for this one. I mean, for instance, I don’t use any ironing table, occasionally when I would iron my clothes, I’d use my basic desk. 

 This desk has adjustable legs that allow you to perfectly fit them on an uneven floor pretty easily. The dimension of this table is 42.5×26×4.25 inches. It’s a lightweight desk weighing just over 19 pounds. 


  • Fits anywhere and adjustable. 
  • Lightweight, so pretty much mobile. 
  • Dust-resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • You have multiple color options.


  • Small and pretty basic. Not fit for professional gamers. 

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5 IKEA Linnmon Desk

Lastly, we’re ending with another standard desk from IKEA. This is IKEA linnmon desk. This desk too is pretty similar to the one right up, only a little bigger. IKEA Linnmon Desk

 The dimension is 47.25×23.5×4 inches. The weight of this desk is also slightly more than its smaller identical desk. No cable management or drawer. 


  • Lightweight, mobile, and multi-functional. 
  • Multiple colors.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • No drawers.
  • Nothing exceptional.
  • Not suitable for a desktop gaming setup.

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How To Find The best IKEA Desk For Gaming

How To Find The best IKEA Desk For Gaming

Almost all the IKEA desks are awesome, there’s no question about that. When you start looking for a desk from IKEA you get dazzled. Because one desk is just better than the other. But are they all ideal for gaming? The answer to that would be no. 

Looking for an ideal gaming desk from IKEA could be tricky. But with the right instructions, you can find the best IKEA gaming desk for you easily. So here’s a list of key points you should look for while choosing your gaming desk from IKEA.


You are not going to want to buy a gaming desk every now and then. When you buy a gaming desk it should be a long-lasting one. And to determine whether the desk is long-lasting or not, you should look at how and with what material it’s been constructed.

Generally, all IKEA products are built with high-quality materials. You knew that already. But what you need to know here is whether you want your desk to be heavy or light. 

Normally the desks are built using particle boards, fiberboards, stainless steel, and solid wood. The lightness of the desk is determined by the key material used to build the desk.

If you want your desk to be heavy then you can go for solid wood and steel. But if you want it to be light then you should go for the ones built with particle boards. 


The ideal size of your gaming desk depends on your priority. Depending on your monitor’s size you can go for the ones with a length ranged between 20-25 inches. 

Now, do you want to keep your CPU case right beside your monitor or underneath? Depending on that you can choose the width of your desk. 

After that comes the height of your desk. It depends on how comfortable you are with your desk’s height. For the average people, 24-30 inches is the comfortable height of their desks.

But it depends on your height. If you’re a tall person, then 24 inches might not be as comfortable for you. So you can go for any range between 24-40 inches.


Different desks offer different kinds of storage facilities. You can easily choose among any of those. Since you’re going to use the desk for mostly gaming, you should go for the ones that have drawers as storage.

We would recommend you to choose a desk that comes with at least 2 or more (if you need) drawers. Drawers are more useful than any other kind of storage.

You can keep just about anything safely there starting with books, notepads, pencils, and even electric accessories. 

Cable Management

Top 5 Best IKEA Desk For Gaming 2022

Cable management is one of the most important aspects of a gaming desk. Nowadays the computer desks have very organized cable management that makes it not only stylish but also efficient to use the computer.

If you decide to keep your CPU case underneath the monitor, your cable management system has to be organized. It will keep your cables from entangling. It’ll be easier for you to keep them clean. 


An ultimate gaming desk should offer at least one height adjustment feature. Like mentioned earlier, height is a subjective matter. It solely depends on the person using the desk.

But if the desk has an adjustable height feature, you can enjoy gaming/working even standing sometimes. But then again it’s not a deal-breaker. Important kinds of stuff are mentioned just right up.   


Last but not least, the desk should be really easy to assemble. It shouldn’t take even an hour to assemble the desk. Luckily enough, almost all the IKEA desks have a simple assembling manual.

You take a minute or two to read the instructions closely. Then it should be a piece of cake to assemble the desk. 

IKEA & ASUS partnership

IKEA & ASUS partnership.jpeg

So at the beginning of this article, we gave you the mind-blowing news stating that IKEA and ASUS are coming into a partnership.

Well, it’s all about taking your gaming to the next level. IKEA understands that the gaming industry is very big. And it’s growing every day bigger and bigger.

That’s why IKEA decided to step up as the leading furniture producer of the world and sign a deal with ASUS’s ROG (Republic of Gamers) to produce dedicated gaming furniture. YES! You heard it right. They’ve already signed a contract about that. 

According to the sources, they are going to release about 30 items initially. All of the furniture will be available in the Chinese market first hopefully in February of 2021. Then gradually they’re going to be available worldwide, hopefully within October 2021. 


So this was our take on some of the best IKEA desks for gaming. We tried to combine the list with both standard IKEA desks and gaming desks so that you get an overall idea about IKEA’s desks. We hope it’s been helpful.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see some awesome gaming desks by IKEA now that they’ve signed a contract with ASUS’s ROG. But that’s not happening anytime soon! So if you don’t intend to wait till then, hopefully, you can find the best IKEA desk for gaming from here. 

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