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If you’re a PC gamer, then you probably faced the disturbance of cables during gaming. It’s very important to have the right setup during gaming because if you don’t have a right setup, then you won’t get a smooth and fast mouse movement opportunity.

As a result, you will fail to perform your desired performance. And in most of the cases, the cable of the mouse makes this disturbance.

Though there’re a lot of wireless mice available for the gaming, the wired mouse performs better.

But don’t worry; we have a simple solution for you in this situation. And the solution is gaming mouse bungee or mouse cord holder.


Once you have the best mouse bungee, it’ll eliminate the drag from your mouse’s cable and help you to get faster and smoother movement and most importantly, you’ll get able to get more precise clicks.

Top 5 Best Mouse Bungee 2022

Best Mouse Bungee:

The mouse cord bungee is an affordable cable management product that is bound to make your gaming life easier. The gaming mouse has usually a less flexible braided cable or fabric cord that causes more friction with the surface.

This is the reason why you should have a mouse wire holder. It’s particularly useful. But the problem is to find the best mouse bungee for your gaming setup.

That’s why we researched and decided to bring the top 5 best mouse bungee to light so that you can easily grab your own. So, why are you waiting for?

Let’s choose the perfect mouse cable holder and enjoy the best and smooth gaming experience-

Top 5 Best Mouse Bungee In 2022

Razer Mouse Bungee V2 Review

The Razer Mouse Bungee V2 is the upgraded version of the Razer mouse bungee and it’s an expert on the mouse cord management. The Razer mouse bungee V2 is a pretty simple and gorgeous looking mouse bungee.

The black sleek sporting shiny look has made this bungee more attractive and beautiful which is able to increase the beauty of your gaming setup

The all new upgraded Razer mouse bungee V2 is the improved version and it offers up to 3.2 mm cord control. The heavier base and the anti-slip feet provide 100% satisfying stability and they help to stay stable during swiftest of swipes.

It knows how to control the drag. It keeps the mouse cord suspended and away from any kind of desk clutter. It offers space-saving TO organize and manages cables and cords. Additionally, it eliminates the feel of uneven mouse drag that you may suffer when the mouse cord gets hung up on objects.

The Rust-resistant spring arm allows you to have full control over the mouse. It helps you to get more accuracy, freedom of mouse movement, and a clean desk that you desire. This small and lightweight bungee is a little beauty.

This Razer mouse bungee V2 is here to present you smoother and more consistent gaming experience. It offers less drag which makes it the perfect accessory for gaming, office, or other important use.


  • Up to 3.2 mm drag free cord control.
  • Weighted base for better stability.
  • Rust-resistant spring arm for improved gaming precision.
  • Anti-slip feet for perfect gaming.
  • Space-saving TO organization for managing cords and cables.


  • Gets dirty; the LED light doesn’t turn off.

CM Storm Skorpion  Mouse Review

The CM Strom Skorpion is a stylish mouse bungee that doesn’t let your mouse cord hold.

The Cooler Master CM storm Skorpion is a convenience & portable mouse bungee that can be disassembled for providing maximum portability so that you can carry it anywhere when need at ease.

On the other hand, this bungee is pretty beautiful. This is a great addition to your gaming desk organization if you place this bungee on the desk.CM-Storm-Skorp-on-Gaming-Mouse-Bungee


This mouse bungee comes with flexible rubber mouse cord arm. This feature allows you to position the bungee as you need. The built-in super-grip feet based durable legs help to provide sticky position.

In addition, the bungee is made of heavy iron core that ensures extreme stability. This bungee always keeps your mouse stable no matter how aggressive or fast your mouse swipe is! And the adaptive grip grooves hold both thick and thin mouse cords.


  • Comes with flexible rubber mouse cord arm.
  • Built-in super-grip feet based durable legs.
  • Can be disassembled for providing maximum portability.
  • Made of heavy iron core for extreme stability.
  • Eye-catching design, compatible with both thick & thin cords.


  • No major cons were found.

ROCCAT Apuri Raw Mouse Bungee Review

The ROCCAT Apuri Raw mouse bungee is a simple but pretty good gaming mouse bungee. This mouse bungee has zero drag of mouse compatibility and offers you unrestricted movement.

This means, you get the complete control over your mouse and no more unexpected or accidental drag at all.

This is a great feature for a mouse of a gaming setup. This ROCCAT Apuri Raw mouse bungee comes with rubberized jumbo feet that ensure better stability and more security.

This mouse bungee has integrated balanced metal weight which provides you additional stability. As a result, you get one of the best experiences of gaming mouse bungee while using this one.

And this little kit is good enough to manage your cables easily. And most importantly, this mouse bungee is compatible with almost all kind of mouse.

You can have this bungee. We’re pretty sure that this mouse bungee won’t disappoint you. It comes at an affordable price and it’s fully capable to satisfy you.


  • Offers easy mouse cable management.
  • Zero-drag mouse bungee with unrestricted movement.
  • Compatible with all kind of mouse.
  • Rubberized jumbo feet for better security and stability.
  • Integrated balanced metal weight provides additional stability.


  • No noticeable cons.

Cougar Gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1 Mouse Bungee Review

The Cougar Gaming CGR-MB1 mouse bungee is a simple, small, lightweight, compact and portable mouse bungee. This has a little base and it takes a little space only.

So your gaming desk looks cleaner. Though this is a little mouse bungee, but it knows how to control the mouse cord. It keeps the mouse cord under complete control.

This bungee comes with rubber arm which is highly flexible and the rubber arm has increased its durability as well. The powerful vacuum of the patented design keeps the bungee steady all the times so you get a pretty good mouse clicking experience during gaming. This little beauty can be your great companion during gaming. And we hope, you’ll also like this bungee.


  • Lightweight, small and compact size.
  • The powerful vacuum keeps it steady all times.
  • Durable; highly flexible rubber arm.
  • The ultra-compact base saves space.
  • Able to keep the cord under complete control.


  • Unable to provide enough stability if you move mouse aggressively.

CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Bungee Review

The CASETHRONE gaming mouse bungee is simply a unique design mouse bungee. This unique mouse bungee is made of ABS, Stainless steel and silicone that ensure a long span of usage.

This unique bungee keeps the cord off your desk. This bungee is really comfortable which you’ll find out while playing computer games.

It comes with anti-slip function. Actually, the heavy base and the heavy-duty stability design provide this extreme level stability. This little bungee brings you a wonderful using experience by providing drag-free cord controlling.

You can have one. Trust me, you’ll just love it. It has a pretty simple design and that’s why it’s very easy to clean the bungee. It comes in an affordable price and we recommend this unit.


  • Unique and heavy-duty stable design.
  • Anti-slip function for better efficiency.
  • Made of ABS, Silicone and Stainless steel that provides a great lifespan.
  • Drag-free complete cord control.
  • Easy to clean and take care.


  • No noticeable cons.

Advantages of a Mouse Bungee:

Advantages of a Mouse Bungee

The mouse bungee is one of the useful and important parts of a great gaming setup. And a great setup is the precondition of winning a match. So, let’s know about the advantages of a mouse bungee-

Cleaner Look:

When you have a mouse bungee your gaming desk will look cleaner and better organized as you have the cables under control.

Better Feeling:

You’ll get the feeling of using a wireless mouse without having the disadvantages of a heavier mouse that requires charging. It’s a pretty good feeling.

Better Accuracy:

You’ll get a better accuracy while using a mouse bungee as it reduces the mouse cord drag. It helps you to aim better and with more accuracy.


The mouse bungee lets you place the mouse cable in the loving arm that prevents the mouse cable from dragging. It also prevents from getting stuck on any clutter on the desk.

Additional USB Port:

Some of the mouse bungees offer additional USB ports that let you plug in your peripherals. That’s great, isn’t it?

Best Mouse Bungee: Buyer’s Guide

Best Mouse Bungee Buyer’s Guide

As mouse bungees are simple in design so there are a few things that you need to know before going to buying one. Make sure you look out for these so that you can add some relevance to the particular setup-


Basically, the mouse bungee is like as an anchor of the mouse cable. The bungee stabilizes the movement of the mouse drag during use so that you can have precise control.

That’s why the stability of a mouse bungee is the most important part. So, you must choose a mouse bungee that comes with great stability.

The mouse bungees usually do that in two ways. The first one is being heavy enough and the second one is by sticking to the desk.

Heavier models tend to be more expensive than lightweight bungees. As they almost work like the same, you can go for any version you want. But we suggest you heavier bungees if you own an expensive wooden desk.


As the mouse bungee stays on your desk, design matters! A beautiful mouse bungee can increase the beauty of your desk decoration along with serving you. That’s why you should get a nice bungee though it’s a minor.

Built Quality:

The built quality is important for all kinds of products. You spend money on something and I’m sure that you don’t want to change that again and again. That’s why you should choose a mouse bungee that has good quality.


The mouse cable creates drag and friction by rubbing on the desk and the mouse bungee works to reduce that drag and friction and provide you better control over the mouse.

When you decide to spend some money on a mouse bungee, you should make sure that your choose mouse bungee will able to minimize the mouse drag in associate with other sources too.

You can use a mouse mat to reduce the mouse drag significantly. On the other hand, the upgraded optical laser mouse is a better performer than the old functional ball mouse. This will provide you more precise control.

USB Ports:

Some of the mouse bungees come with additional USB ports on the bungee base which may useful to you if you have a lot of USB peripherals.

It saves your money for buying a standalone USB hub. But here is a little problem. Using that hub may increase your desk clutter. Actually, it depends on your choice.

Final Words:

So, here we are! You now know what is a mouse bungee, what it does and why should you have one! Well, we’ve reviewed the top 5 mouse bungees of the market and highlighted their strengths and weakness.

Actually, each of them is great, worth of money, and provides pretty good performance. You just need to choose which one would be the perfect one for your gaming setup. Just choose one and get it with confidence. Hope, that won’t disappoint you at all.

We hope now you know the best mouse bungee. We hope our article will help you come to the decision about which mouse bungee is the best mouse bungee for you.

If you have any other further questions then comment below and we’ll try to help you. Until then, stay blessed and good luck.

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