Top 6 Best Prada Perfumes Reviews In 2022 – Expert Guide

Are you looking for the best Prada perfumes? Then you have come to the right place. I have used different types of perfumes but if you are asking about my favorites, I think some of Prada’s perfumes are top on my list. You can find the Prada Perfumes all around the world. 

Prada is an Italian brand and started its journey in 1913. The founder Mario Prada and his brother Martino Prada opened their leather goods and luggage business.

They named the company Fratelli Prada. Since then, Prada became a brand that everybody loves.

Top 6 Best Prada Perfumes Reviews In 2022


Then it’s started spreading its branches in many more businesses. Among all the products, Prada’s perfume is one of their best selling products.

Here Are The Top 6 Best Prada Perfumes Reviews

Here Are The Top 6 Best Prada Perfumes Reviews

So for your convenience, I am here to give you suggestions about the best Prada perfume so that it’s become easy for you to choose your ideal one:

Prada Candy for Women 2.7 oz Eau de Perfume

The perfume was launched in the market in 2011. The perfume is very delicate, elegant, attentive, and thoughtful. The fragrance of the perfume belongs to the East-Vanilla family. The glass case is decorated with a purple color fuchsia band and finished with a black gold hat.

The main combinations of caramel, musk, ointment, and spices have a rich, sweet fragrance that will immerse users in a peaceful world full of emotion. 

The composition is simple, and only a few elements were used in its preparation. Thus, delicious caramel appears on high notes, then moves to the heart of powdery and muscular notes and ends up in an unpleasant scene with comfortable benzoin bottoms and vanilla sweetness.

With medium boots and longevity on the skin, it is perfect for both cold autumn days and cold long winter nights. The perfume will be fragrant for hours. This cologne is no different from youth, determination, and freshness, so young women are more likely to wear it.

Prada Amber for Women Eau De Perfume Spray, 2.7 oz

Amber by Prada launched in the market in 2004, and the fragrance of the perfume belongs to the East Woody family. This perfume won the FIFI award in 2005 for the best luxury perfume. So I think you may get the idea of how the perfume will be.

The central contracts are warm, spicy, woody, amber, and patchouli to give us subtle elixirs painted in pale yellow.

High notes are accompanied by the freshness of green, tarragon bergamot that gives the smell of fruit. Then you can smell the sweet honey and make their hearts bloom like jasmine, carnation, ylang-ylang, and roses.

 Later, the intensity of the fragrances is moderate to heavy and lasts long on the skin. In winter and autumn, you will be comfortable and relaxed for a long time. This fragrance is ideal for women of all ages, but certainly for those who are brave and confident.

Prada La Femme for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Perfume Spray

The perfume is a quite new edition. The perfume launched in the market in 2016. This perfume celebrated the classic, modern and quirky femininity of the oriental flower family.

The magnificent aroma is gathered in an elegant crystal glass with a golden envelope containing an elixir of essential flowers that make it delicate and intoxicating.

Thus, the top note of the perfume has delicate beeswax exotic and spices. Then the middle note of the perfume is delicious flower frangipani, iris, tuber, and ylang-ylang that added the freshness. The perfume finishes with keynotes of delicious sweet vanilla and vetiver. 

The perfume is aimed to the young girls who like to explore. The perfume is best for summer days. The fragrance of the perfume lasts long on your skin. Although the perfume is best for summer days but you can use perfume all over the year. 

Prada Luna Rossa Sport for Men 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray

Luna Rossa Sport has a pure fragrance, and the perfume launched in the market in 2006. The perfume has a very light scent. Despite being simple and relatively linear, the sport is very refreshing and smells good.

400;”>Top note of the perfume has tonka beans, and vanilla and the sweetness of vanilla is partially divided by an unpleasant record. Besides, the ginger spice gives it a bit of freshness, and you can mostly feel a lavender note that makes the perfume refreshing and crispy.

Prada Luna Rossa explores the botanical and synthetic notes of these men’s fragrance. The lavender metal notes are distinguished by the patchouli, lemon patch, and dry amber.

It is a fresh, aromatic fragrance that you can use all year long. The perfume can be the best choice for young boys, but men of all ages can use perfume. 

Prada L’homme Intense Eau de perfume Spray for men, 3.4 Ounces

I like the darker smell and the fact that the perfume lasts on the skin for 9 hours.  The top note of the perfume has the original amber and strong fragrance of leather.

Then there is the smooth base of sandalwood and patchouli, which improves the overall flavor and makes the fragrance stronger. The additional role is played by iris, leather, amber, and tonka beans.

The perfume will give you extraordinarily high and supports in the autumn and winter as well. The perfume is aimed at middle-aged men.

Prada Infusion d’Iris for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

The perfume is launched in the market in 2007 and belongs to the floral woody musk family.

The perfume’s fragrance is very delicate and thoughtful, called the inspiration of the old method of production, which is to bleach lily in water for six months and then extract the sweet nectar.

This perfume is also got awarded the New Women’s Fragrance Award in 2008.

The leading conferences offer heavenly fragrances, flowers, citrus, and balsam. The perfume contains refreshing notes of orange, African orange, tangerine & neroli flowers. The heart note of the fragrance is mastic, iris, and galbanum with Virginia cedar.

The fragrance of the perfume is mild and long-lasting on the skin. It allows you to feel fresh in spring and summer. Also, you can use it on cold autumn and winter nights due to the warming. This cologne is perfect for exotic and classic women.


Prada is a well-renounced brand. You may always hear the name of it. Besides these perfumes, Prada offers you a large variety of options so that you can choose a perfume that suits you.

The perfume I discussed above is the best Prada perfume, in my opinion. If you select any of the perfumes, I don’t think you will regret it.

You can also say that Prada is one of the oldest brands that make perfume. Prada has 86 types of perfume. So you can see that it offers you a vast collection to choose from.

The earliest fragrance was created in 1990, and the latest creation was in 2019.

Every perfume is different from the other. In the article, I have tried to give you the information about the best Prada perfumes. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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