Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest Reviews – 2022

The office is the place of work, work, and work. The minimum 8-10 hours a day that we spent in our office gets all the bills paid for us. But during the work time do we keep working nonstop from the start till the end?

No. That is literally impossible. Because let’s face it we’re still humans made of flesh and blood. If only had we been robots we might have been able to work nonstop. But even robots need a break after a certain amount of time.

What I’m trying to tell you is to keep our bodies from slow permanent structural damage we are bound to take those breaks. And we should utilize those little breaks properly.

This is where the best reclining office chairs say hello. If you already don’t know the difference between the normal chairs and the reclining chairs then here it is in a nutshell….

A normal chair only lets you sit on that. But a reclining chair lets you feel comfortable while you’re sitting on that. Yeah, the best reclining office chair costs more than a normal office chair.

But it offers you a lot of long term benefits to your body. In this article, you’ll find about those benefits along with the list of 10 best reclining office chair with footrest.


We have made this list of 10 best reclining office chair within various price range. So that it becomes really easy for you to decide which one is best for you.

Some of these reclining chairs are price efficient while others are slightly luxurious. Some of these chairs come with built-in footrest; some have detached footrest while some chairs don’t have any footrest whatsoever.

At the bottom of this post, you can also read about the benefits of using the best reclining office chair. You can also read the top three reasons why you should consider having a footrest in your office chair that reclines. That’s why we would request you to read the post till the end.

So now without further ado let’s start discussing the best reclining office chairs. Now right before jumping into the reviewing section, we want to remind you that we have summoned the best office chairs that recline varying different price ranges and different types of designs.

Primarily we have categorized these reclining chairs in three different categories; Luxurious Reclining Chairs, Standard office reclining chairs and Racing style recliners.

The reason for choosing them is to give you the idea about all of these chairs, the features they come with and the money they’re going to cost you.

So that you can choose your reclining chair wisely. Now let’s inaugurate the list with the luxurious reclining chairs.

Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest Reviews

Top 10 Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest Review

Top 10 Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest Review

Luxurious Reclining Office Chairs:

Some of us are very glamorous when it comes to decorating our surroundings.  The chairs you’re about to see in this category are not only efficient when it comes to comfort you but also takes the decoration of your office to the next level of fancy.

Before analyzing the chairs let’s be clear about some facts regarding these chairs.

First of all, they’re kind of bulkier than normal chairs. They take up a lot of space and you can’t frequently move them. They don’t have any wheels underneath and they’re quite heavy.

But on the plus side, all of them come with stylish looking ottoman which you can keep separately while not using. So if you want them in your office you better be having a spacious cabin.

But the best use you can get out of them, we think, is if you use a study room at your place. Then again, it depends on you.

Giantex Swivel Recliner Chair

Giantex Swivel Recliner Chair

Alright, so the first chair we have in the luxury section is Giantex’s Swivel recliner chair. This one has a standard finishing look on it. It comes in two basic colors; black and brown.

The built material is very strong. It can easily lift as much as 330 lbs and this is a spacious chair. So basically it’s comfortable for anyone regardless of their size. The chair is very easy to assemble.

The instruction from the description is straight and clear. Each screw and pin having coded makes it even easier to assemble the whole thing. Now let’s discuss the basic features.

  • Ergonomic design: The chair is of course designed ergonomically. It has five different ergonomic positions to comfort you while doing different kinds of work. The neck support releases the pressure from your neck while the ottoman does the work in your leg muscles. Similarly, thickly padded armrests rest your hands and the back supports your spine.
  • Swiveling and reclining: The chair effortlessly swivels 360 degrees. Needless to say in that case you can’t use the ottoman then. You can adjust the reclining position between 90 to 135 degrees backward. There’s a side knob on the right side of the chair by which you can control the reclining position easily.
  • Built material: The chair is made using strong steel that can hold up to 330 lbs without any problem. The steel is covered by the synthetic leather to give it a premium look.
  • Pads and Cover: The chair is covered by high-quality PU leather. That’s why the chair is water and dustproof and very easy to clean. Underneath the PU leather, there are high-quality sponge pads. The pad is thick and comforting enough.


  • Strongly built.
  • Price-efficient.
  • Perfectly sized.
  • Doesn’t take too much space.


  • Very simple design.

Flash Furniture Leather Recliner Chair

Flash Furniture Leather Recliner Chair

The next chair we have is from Flash Furniture. It’s their vintage model. The chair looks a bit bulkier than the previous one you saw. But it’s more comfortable than that too.

The leather and the foam underneath are very thick and comfortable. Sitting on it almost feels like it’s trying to hug you. The chair looks classy too.

It’s not a steel-based chair. The base is made from mahogany wood and it’s pretty strong. Not as strong as the steel base but it does the job nicely.

More importantly, the wood base gives the chair a classier look. It somewhat improves the decoration of your place too. Now let’s discuss the other features it offers you.

  • Ergonomic design: This chair too is designed ergonomically. Almost exactly like the previous chair we discussed. So we won’t bore you by repeating the same thing. But the bad news is this chair isn’t as flexible as the previous one.
  • Swivel and reclining: This chair swivels fine. The main body swivels 360 degrees without any problem but the ottoman doesn’t swivel at all. Now about the reclining part, mathematically speaking, this chair doesn’t recline up to 135 degrees. As you can see from the pictures, its normal position is almost 95 to 100 degrees. And it reclines just about 110 to 115 degrees, just enough to comfort you.
  • Built material:Here’s the main twist. As you can see that the base of this chair is wooden finished. Sure it gives the chair a glossier and classier look and it’s also decently strong enough. But a steel-made base is always stronger. The chair can lift roughly up to 200 lbs. We wouldn’t trust this chair to lift more than 220 lbs at all! This is the only saddening thing about this chair. So you better pass if you’re looking for something that can lift more than 200lbs effortlessly. This isn’t it.
  • Pads and cover:We have already mentioned that sitting on this chair feels like it’s trying to hug you. It’s because of the pads. The chair is very thickly padded everywhere. The headrest pillow, armrest and the seat cushion all of these are thickly padded and covered in PU leather.


  • Classy look with the wooden finish.
  • Very comforting.
  • Spacious
  • Almost like a bed
  • Has built-in floor glides


  • Less sturdy
  • Can’t lift more than 200lbs.
  • Not suitable for plus-sized folks

Homelegance Swivel Reclining Chair

Homelegance Swivel Reclining Chair

This is the final chair in this luxury section. As the saying goes, the best is saved for the last. The previous two chairs were splendid but had some flaws too. But this chair is the mixture of goodness from both the previous chairs.

It’s Homelegance’s swivel reclining chair. If you were looking for a chair as classy looking as the second chair at the same time being as strong as the first one then this is the one you’re looking for. Let’s get into the discussion then.

  • Ergonomic design: Needless to say that this recliner is well-ergonomically designed. The entire key points of the chair as in the back, the headrest pillow the seat all are well-positioned.
  • Swivel and reclining:The chair swivels 360 degrees smoothly. Although the base being strong stainless steel there’s no floor glides at all. And it weighs about 65 pounds so it pretty much stays in one place and doesn’t move at all when you swivel around. This chair doesn’t recline as much as the first one. But it reclines enough. You can adjust the reclining position from normal (which is approximately 97 or 102 degrees) to 130 degrees. There’s a knob underneath the seat to control the reclining position.
  • Built material:This chair, as mentioned earlier, it made of the steel base. It’s very strong and sturdy. It can easily lift up to 250 to 280 lbs without having any trouble. The base underneath has a nice glossy finish.
  • Pads and cover:This chair is also thickly padded like the previous one. The foam underneath the PU leather cover is very soft but sturdy. As in it’s not so soft that it’ll fade away yet not so hard, that’ll cause you discomfort. The pads will still be as comforting as the first time even after using for a long time.


  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Stylish looking and comforting.
  • Suitable for people of all sizes. (But for people taller than 6’5” might find it a bit smaller)
  • Spacious


  • Bit costlier than others.

This ends the luxurious reclining office chair segment of this post. As you already know these chairs cost a little too much than your normal chairs. But then again these chairs also provide you with extra comfort and luxurious feeling.

They take up a lot of space too. So assuming you have the money and space, if you ask me personally for a vote I would, of course, recommend the last chair from Homelegance. But as it is a little bit pricy than the other two I have a different opinion too.

If you weigh not more than 170-180 lbs then you can go for the second chair without any worries. But if you are looking for a guarantee that your chair won’t break regardless of how much you weigh then you can go for the first one from Giantex too.

In that case, you would also save some extra bucks while you would have to consider the slightly average looking chair. The bottom line is these are the best three luxurious reclining office chairs you can find in the market.

They’re the best value for money. That’s the reason why they’re on this list in the first place. Now let’s move ahead to our next category.

Standard Office Recliner:

Now let’s talk about the standard office reclining chairs. These chairs are very efficient in providing comfort. But they’re not the chairs you can show off.

Although, the designs of these chairs are pretty decent and space-efficient. These chairs won’t take much room to fit in. In fact, they can fit in almost anywhere.

Whether you work in a booth system desk or you have a cabin of your own these chairs are perfect for both situations. The materials used in these chairs are mostly high-quality polymer and steel.

We have rounded up 3 standard office chairs in this list. Now let’s talk about each of these chairs in this list.

HBADA Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

HBADA Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair.jpeg

The first standard office recliner chair that we have here is from Hbada. This chair looks really nice in terms of most standard office chairs.

The chair is not too bulky. Yet it has all the features that a standard office chair requires. But as it isn’t that big of a chair you won’t feel comfortable in this chair if you’re over 6 feet tall.

But for an average-sized person, this chair is perfectly well balanced. Now let’s talk in-depth about the features it has to offer you.

  • Ergonomic design: This chair is designed ergonomically. Every part of this chair is fully adjustable as per the user. Starting from the seat height to the armrest everything is adjustable. You can adjust the height of the headrest bar as well as the angle of it. The back of the chair is designed according to the curves of our back. That’s why it fits the back very nicely. When you adjust the chair to fully reclined mode the armrests also adjust accordingly. In short, this chair is absolutely what you want it to be.
  • Swiveling and Reclining: The chair, of course, swivels 360 degrees smoothly. The base is made of steel, unlike the upper body, makes it really strong and reliable. The reclining can be adjusted between 90-155 degrees. There are two knobs underneath the seat cushion. You can adjust the reclining position and seat height with those knobs.
  • Built material: The base of this chair is made of stainless steel and the outer body is made of plastic. But you have nothing to worry about the plastic. The plastic is very sturdy and thick. The outer body is made of plastic to reduce the production cost and the overall weight of the chair. But this chair can hold a person up to 300 lbs. So you understand how strong the chair is.
  • Pads and Covers: The seat is made of original foam padding. Although the thickness of the seat is 8cm it’s very comfortable. The footrest is also padded with the same foam but the thickness is a little lighter than the seat. The armrests are slightly padded too. But the back doesn’t have any padding at all. Although it isn’t much of a deal-breaker. Because the back is made of breathable mesh. The ventilation makes up for the padding here.


  • Fully adjustable ergonomic design.
  • Strong base and casters.
  • Light-weighted but strong design.
  • Price-efficient.


  • Not suitable for people over 6 feet.

HBADA Reclining Office Desk Chair

HBADA Reclining Office Desk Chair

The next chair we got is also from the same company. Both the chair looks very much identical, right? But they’re not. There are some minor differences between the chairs.

Most of the features such as; the curvy back design, the mesh back cover, adjustable armrest and headrest, pull out footrest, are exactly like the previous chair from the said company.

So we’re not going to bother you with all those similar details. Let’s talk about the differences.

  • The back outer body of the chair is slightly different than the previous chair.
  • Unlike the previous chair, the base underneath the seat of this chair is made of sturdy polymer. Even though it’s not steel like the one before it’s almost equally strong.
  • There is built-in lumbar support in this chair which you don’t get in the previous chair.
  • The cushion of this chair is 2cm thicker than the previous one. And it’s breathable too.

These are pretty much all the differences between both the chairs. Other than these differences both the chair from Hbada is absolutely superb standard office and genuine value for money.

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Chair

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Chair

The last chair in this standard office recliner segment is TOPSKY high back racing style chair. This chair is a slight combination of the gaming chair and standard office chair.

It’s a little spacious than the previous two standard office recliners. Almost all the features are quite similar to the previous two chairs but with some major upgrades and a very different look. Now let’s talk about those features.

  • Ergonomic design: Needless to say that this chair is also designed ergonomically. The adjustable features are absolutely similar to the previous chairs. The chair is quite spacious as said before. The overall height can be adjusted between 47 to 51 inches. The seat is almost 22 inches wide and has lumbar support. The headrest pillow is removable and cushiony.
  • Swiveling and Reclining: The chair swivels 360 degrees smoothly. The steel frame underneath supports the swiveling and reclining really well. The reclining of this chair can be adjusted between 90-175 degrees. The armrests also adjust according to the reclining position nicely.
  • Built material: The base of this chair is made of steel. Although the covering body is made of strong industry plastic. The finishing of the plastic is very nice and feels premium. The height controller is made of strong pneumatic and will support up to 250 lbs easily. Although the chair can take 300 lbs of maximum weight. But none of us are above 210/220 lbs so we couldn’t check than properly. For an average-sized person, this chair should be perfect.
  • Pads and Covers: The whole chair is covered in PU leather. So the chair isn’t going to get dirty easily and is going to be very easy to clean. Underneath the PU leather, they have used high-density memory foam. It’s very comfortable.


  • Racing style chair.
  • Strong wheel casters.
  • Better reclining.
  • Spacious.


  • The covers of the wheels tend to keep falling.
  • The initial smell is kind of disturbing.

Gaming Style Recliners:

Now we only have the last segment left in this list, the gaming chair segment. In this category, the chairs you’ll see will appear very familiar to you if you follow YouTube stars like PewDiePie or various other tech reviewing channels.

In terms of looks, these chairs are very much alike. But each of these chairs has its own unique features. The most common thing about these chairs is their look. These chairs are very colorful, unlike the standard office recliners.

I have visited a lot of offices but I haven’t seen any office using these kinds of chairs as their regular desk chairs. But it surely doesn’t mean that you can’t use them as your desk chair.

It’s really a matter of personal choice. But if you work in a low space cubicle then these chairs might not be ideal for you. Because they take up a little more space than the standard office chairs.

These chairs are also taller than standard office recliners. So let’s discuss these gaming chairs in detail.

Ergonomic Office & PC gaming Chair by Best Office

Ergonomic Office & PC gaming Chair by Best Office.jpeg

The first chair in this list doesn’t really have a unique name given by the company. But it’s really not important. What’s more important are the features it offers.

It’s a very strong and adjustable gaming style recliner. It comes in various colors and designs. Design-wise it’s a decent gaming chair, nothing exceptional. Now let’s talk about the features it comes with.

  • Ergonomic Design: The chair is top to bottom designed ergonomically. Almost every part of it is adjustable according to the users’ preferences. The seat height can be adjusted between 19 inches to 23 inches from the ground. There are two buttons to control the tilting and the height of the chair. The armrest height is fixed though. Some chairs do have the features of adjusting the position and height of the armrest. But they’re fixed in this chair.
  • Swiveling and Reclining: It goes on without even saying that this chair swivels 360 degrees very smoothly. The reclining position can be adjusted between 90-155 degrees. You can also lock the position you’ve reclined. In some chairs, you can control the reclining position from 90 to 175/180 degrees. But ‘155 degrees’ is a decent highest reclining position unless you’re planning to sleep on your chair frequently.
  • Built material: The chair is built from high-quality plastic on the outside and industry-quality compressed steel inside. The height of the chair is controlled by the commercial class-3 gas lift. The base is strong enough to lift almost 2500lbs according to the BIFMA. But the chair can only lift up to 250 lbs. The wheels underneath the base are also made of high-quality plastic.
  • Pads and cover: High-quality breathable PU leather is covering the whole chair. And underneath the PU leather, there’s high-density foam for better comfort. PU leather is very handy when it comes to cleaning it because it’s water and dust resistant.


  • Ergonomic and adjustable design.
  • Built-in removable and adjustable headrest pillow and lumbar support.
  • The preferred reclining position can be locked.
  • Adjustable footrest with comfortable cushioning.


  • Typical design.
  • No foam in the armrests.
  • Not suitable for people over 6 feet.

VON RACER Gaming Recliner

VON RACER Gaming Recliner

The next chair we have is from the ‘Von Racer’ company. This racing style recliner is also almost identical to the previous one.

But this one is a little bit smaller than that one and there are couple other changes too; such as the armrests adjust according to the reclining position.

The armrests are also cushioned properly. Now let’s talk about the other features.

  • Ergonomic Design: This chair is too designed ergonomically. Starting from the armrest to the seat height and the reclining position, everything is adjustable according to your preference. By this far of the article, you have got a clear idea of it I’m sure.
  • Swiveling and Reclining: One of the major changes of this chair to the previous one is this chair can be reclined more than that one. This chair goes from 90 degrees to all the way up to 175 degrees. And you can also lock your preferred reclining position. Smooth 360-degree swivel is also there. Like the previous chair, this one also has two buttons/knobs to adjust the seat height and the reclining position.
  • Built material: The chair has a very strong metal base inside the sturdy plastic body. The gas lift that adjusts the height of the chair is tested to be explosion-proof. The wheels underneath the nylon base are also strong and smooth. The chair can take up to 250lbs. The footrest chamber is also made of strong steel.
  • Pads and cover: The chair is covered in high-quality PU leather on the surface. Although just underneath the seat, there’s no PU leather. The down part and the sides of the back of the chair are covered in breathable foam cotton. This gives it a rather stylish look. But you got to look out for small insects like bedbugs or ants.


  • Ergonomic and adjustable design.
  • Removable headrest and adjustable lumbar support.
  • Retractable footrest.
  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Slightly peculiar look.


  • Not comfortable enough for people taller than 6 feet.

Benefits of Using the Best Reclining Office Chair

Benefits of Using the Best Reclining Office Chair.jpeg

You see, there used to be a time when office works were usually really strict and precise. People working in the office didn’t need to sit all day in their desks. They would move around the office quite frequently.

But as time went by and technology took over, most of the office works of today’s era need to be done sitting on the chair in front of the computer screen almost the entire work time. Anatomically saying, this pretty much changes everything.

When we just sit on a normal chair for more than 1 or 2 hours it sores our spinal cords at first. But when we continue to do the same thing over and over again we get affected with severe back pain.

Since we cannot leave the jobs we have and certainly cannot afford to get affected by back pain, we just need to change our lifestyle a little bit. Now let’s point out the benefits of using the best reclining office chair.

Support for the neck:

After we have worked for a couple of hours sitting in our desks we start feeling sore, especially in our neck. Then we tend to lean back a little to ease our neck.

But in normal office chairs, there’s no neck support. In the best reclining office chair, you’ll find cushiony neck support which will comfort your neck when you need it the most.

Having armrests:

The normal chairs don’t usually come with armrests. If the chair is to be used for 20/40 minutes or at best an hour then it’s not an issue.

But when you work sitting for a longer time especially if your work requires you to use your hands quite frequently then you need the armrests.

Suppose you’re typing a business letter.You don’t just start typing and finish it without a break. Sometimes you have to think to choose your words properly.

Sometimes you wonder how to sound more polite and precise. So when you’re taking the time for thinking you need to rest your hands. Your fingers may be the ones directly typing but all the joints are affected by it.

Back tilt:

So we were talking about taking the think-break while working. You might want to lean back a little. It not only helps your back posture but also releases the stress and tensions from the muscles. But you can’t do that in the regular chairs.

Lumbar support:

Back pain wasn’t the talk of the town 10/15 years back. But it is a serious issue today, especially among the office workers. People who are used to sitting in traditional office chairs are most likely to be affected by back pain.

And it starts usually from the lower part of our spine. You see, the designs of the regular chairs are usually either straight or somewhat curved, to make it look good.

But the recliner office chairs are designed ergonomically so that they can comfort you while supporting your body structure.

In addition to that, most of the modern recliners come with detachable lumbar supporting cushion.

This lumbar supporting cushion may look small or not having them might seem like no big deal. But they’re really important for your lower back support when you’re sitting in a chair.

Adjustable Height: Usual office chairs come only in one particular height. But we all are not of the same height. The usual sitting height that is comfortable for you might not be so for me!

That’s why these modern reclining office chairs have a height adjusting option. You decide your overall comfort.


Footrest is also a vital feature of most of modern recliners. Probably for some people it may not be as important as the previous features we talked about.

But some people surely prefer to have a footrest in their reclining office chair. The footrest can be a luxurious feature for some particular reclining office chairs.

As in, it could make your chair look like a luxurious throne. But for the efficient office chairs, they’re foldable and can be used only when the user wants to use it.

Top Three Reasons Why you Should Consider Having a Footrest in Your Recliner Chair

Top Three Reasons Why you Should Consider Having a Footrest in Your Recliner Chair

First of all, there are a lot of reasons why you should use an office chair that reclines than a normal or traditional chair. Primarily because of your structural health; but mostly we don’t even have the time to think about that!

So basically we use the reclining chairs for the aforementioned comfort. If you add the footrest with your reclining chair you take it to the next level of comfort. It’s not necessary that the footrest has to be attached to the reclining chair you buy or have.

You can manually buy a footrest and use it along with the chair you’re already using. There are many reasons why using a footrest with a chair is effectively healthy. Here are some major reasons why you should be using a footrest.

Keeping your POSTURE

To maintain a good posture while sitting for a long time it’s important that you keep your hips a little bit higher than your knees. Footrest helps you maintain that position.

Also keeping your feet hanging (especially if you’re a shorter person) is likely to make your feet sore. The footrest supports your overall posture beneath your feet.

Active Sitting

While every research has shown that sitting for a longer period is always harmful, some researchers have found out that using a footrest decreases that harmfulness quite a lot.

There are some footrests available in the market that activates your sitting by movement. This movement is very much beneficial. It improves blood circulation.

Preventing Several Health Issues

The footrest removes the pressure from your legs. And just by doing so it keeps you from serious issues like swelling, blood clot, lower backpressure, etc. While keeping you from these issues it also comforts your sitting for a long time.

The Bottom Line:

is you need to take a break from work for a second and give serious thought to your health. You must be familiar with the term ‘Sitting is the new face of smoking’.

While it sounds pretty funny but in reality, it’s pretty dangerous. Sitting for a prolonged time injures your posture slowly but dangerously. If you’re feeling slightly painful in your lower back or the shoulders it’s time you started rethinking things right away.

In this list, we have rounded up 10 best reclining office chairs of the different price range. Some of these have footrest coming with it; some of these have the footrest mechanically inbuilt.

Some of these don’t have any footrest at all. Depending on your budget you need to choose yours. If you’re thinking of buying a reclining chair with footrest but don’t have the budget there’s nothing to worry about.

I hope now you know the best reclining office chair with footrest. You can manually buy a footrest to use alongside your reclining office chair.

We hope you find the best reclining office chair for yourself from this list. We’ll be back with another useful furniture review. Till then take care.

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