Can Office Chairs Explode? Details About Office Chair

You are comfortably sitting on your office chair and working on the screen every day. Have you ever thought of the matter “Can Office Chairs Explode”? The simplest answer is yes.

Surprisingly, It is true that the Office chair that you are using for a day-long work can get explode. Sometimes the explosion would cause such a danger that you may end up your day wounded in hospital.

With the arrival of modern equipment, the risk of an office chair explosion is decreased. Let’s get some more ideas about the office chair explosion.

Can Office Chairs Explode


How Can An Office Chair Explode?

The question “Can Office Chair Explode” is vital when you use an office chair of your own. The explosion may result in a scary incident with anybody in your family if you don’t have any idea of it. There are some reasons for chair explosions:

Mechanism Of An Office Chair

  1. The gas cylinder is marked as the main reason for the chair explosion. The modern chairs are made of a gas pressured suspension system.
  2. The cylinders are filled up with Nitrogen gas. When you compressed on the lever to move your chair up and down, the Nitrogen gas gets compressed.
  3. .The scattered energy Generates a lot of heat through friction, and the lubrication is added to protect from excess heat and get a smooth movement.
  4. The lever helps to pull the compressed space of the chair. And thus, a person can adjust his seat to his desired height.

Reason For The Explosion

When the energy is compressed, most of them trigger the explosion. There are three types of air-pressurized office chairs: hydraulic-pressured, gas-pressured, and mechanical. Any shortcut should not follow office chair production.

The investigation reveals that some dishonest businessmen of china tried to lessen the cost of manufacturing. They used pressurized air while filling the gas cylinders of the chair.

Management Negligence

Management Negligence


Today most of the office chairs are made of cylinders. Sometimes the carelessness of management may become the cause of severe destruction.

So always prioritize the chair’s quality for your office to protect your employees from chair explosion. Inexpensive airlift chairs should be avoided so that you can save lives from probable danger.

How To Avoid Office Chair Explosions

How To Avoid Office Chair Explosions

However, office chair explosions are not a severe issue to become many alerts in everyday life, but ensuring the cent percent is a must.

You can easily avoid the explosion by following one easy procedure of purchasing and using the chair.

As long as you follow the proper instructions, you remain safe from all sorts of danger caused by your office chair.

Purchase Office Chairs From Trustworthy Manufacturers

Purchase Office Chairs From Trustworthy Manufacturers.jpeg

An office chair is always bought to sit with comfort and to do the work smoothly. So you must purchase the chair for your office from a trustworthy Manufacturers.

It will be better to conduct a little statistics to choose the chair of the chair working for a long time. Most of the time, The old manufacturers become very strict about maintaining their quality and standard.

Spend a little more time to find out the reputable shop of office chair manufacturer and buy the chair for your office and personal use from them.

Check Whether Gas Cylinder Works Appropriately Or Not

Check Whether Gas Cylinder Works Appropriately Or Not

To increase the durability of your office chair, you must check the gas cylinder regularly.

If you face any problem using the regular chair like moving around, ups and downs, immediately replace the Gas Cylinder with a new one. It will reduce the risk of probable danger of Office chair explosion.

Buy The Right Office Chair For You

Buy The Right Office Chair For You.jpeg

You should buy a suitable chair for you that will ensure comfort during work. If you have any issue with your back, there is much high-quality ergonomic office chair for you.

Also, considering the reasonable price and your budget, try to buy an especially formulated office chair as it is an investment for ensuring your safety.

Use The Chair In Your Way

An office chair is designed only for sitting, not to have a crazy stunt with it, which will be dangerous. You can follow the manufacturer’s literature if needed to make proper use of your chair and avoid an explosion.

The Accidents Of Office Chair Explosions

The Accidents Of Office Chair Explosions.jpeg

Terrible incidents of office chair explosions cost danger for the employees of some office. Though the risk is not much severe, you will not expect such a hazard with anyone on the office’s opening day.

The explosion will cause great danger and loss for all as well. Some of the incidents are given below:

  • In 2009, a 14 years old boy died of his office chair exposition caused by a gas cylinder in Shandong Province in China. His lower body is brutally injured by the chunks of metal flew, and he was bled to death. You may find the news here:

Frucci, Adam. Boy Killed Anally When Office Chair Explodes.” Gizmodo, 20 Feb. 2009.

  • A computer chair exploded in 2013 in china where a woman was injured badly. Fortunately, she has survived as a surgeon has saved her life by pulling some plastics and screws from her flash. The news is also available here:

Woman Badly Injured by Exploding Computer Chair.” AsiaOne, 9 Oct. 2013.


Here you get your answer of “can office chairs explode.” Though it is real that your office chair can get explode, it is not a big issue of getting scared to sit on the chair next time.

Always buy your favorite office or gaming chair from a renowned, reputable manufacturer.

And assembling an office chair properly is a must to balance and keep coordination of all the chair parts. Thus you can use your office chair for years-long without facing any hazards.

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