What does a Gaming Mouse Bungee Do? Everything About Mouse Bungee

The devil is in the full details. And while you get exactly down toward it, all this takes is one slight slip of the mouse toward losing a match. Enter the greatest mouse bungee, your very own cable management friend. What does a Gaming Mouse Bungee Do?

If your mouse cord occasionally just plain gets in the means, or if you ever experience a small drag while swipes your mouse, mouse bungee is an outstanding solution toward such troubles.

Not only does it stop these things from happening, but it moreover promotes smooth plus flawless mouse movement through keeping your mouse cable taut.

This confirms greater accuracy of all your mouse movement, even the quick-twitch ones. High-sensitivity setting players will especially love the help of a bungee, as any pull would likely ruin their target.

What does a Gaming Mouse Bungee Do


What is Gaming Mouse Bungee?

What is Gaming Mouse Bungee

Wired gaming mouse tend to have a long cable to make sure that you do not accidentally unplug them through passionate gaming sessions.

More frequently than not, there would be obstacle that your mouse’s wire will have to go through to attain the back of your computer, for example, the edge of your PC, counter, otherwise even your feet.

You could simply fix this difficulty by taping a noteworthy part of your mouse’s cable toward your table. But ultimately, that will probably rip off too.

Despite being a niche product, mouse bungees are wire management wonders that would make your life easier and add an artistic look to your setup.

If you decide to opt-in for any of the mouse bungees, you could say goodbye to all the wire tangling plus start enjoying a smooth gaming experience.

What to Search for in Mouse Bungee

What to Search for in Mouse Bungee.jpeg

You would be mistaken to consider that all mouse bungees are similar. While the finest mouse bungees are all certain to improve your gaming experience, they each go about it differently.

Let us take a look at the topmost considerations you must take into account when deciding on a new bungee.

Support Mechanisms

The finest mouse bungees use diverse types of mechanisms to secure your mouse cord. The most common are Spring-loaded, rubber, otherwise plastic arms that hold the cable plus relay tension.

Today’s most trendy bungees feature a weighted base with suction cups otherwise non-slip grips to maintain a stable grip on the desktop.

Together, these offer a snug fit for all types of mouse cable and surfaces, confirming outstanding performance for casual and pro gamers similarly.


Your accessories do not have to be dull. And that includes mouse bungees. Add a slight flashiness to your desk through selecting one with little pops of color.

Or better so far, choose one that features RGB LEDs toward adding several lighting effects to the mix.


Several mouse bungee models come with a guarantee. If you seek out a particularly well-reviewed mouse bungee, you may not require to concern yourself over the guarantee, but it is better to have several assurances than not.

We would not choose which mouse bungee to purchase exclusively based on the guarantee, but it is one of the more significant considerations you must bear in mind.


You will not find a mouse bungee that is more than a foot big. Ten inches is about the largest you’ll discover one, and a small bungee is usually preferable since it aids you to make the most of your desk otherwise table space while still offering quality cable management for your gaming mouse.

As long as it comes together with a weighted base plus a non-slip design, the cord holder must keep the wire management for your wired mouse plus other devices tidy and neat for a reasonable price.

The Cost

Gaming mouse bungee tends to be a pretty reasonable buy. It is significant to make sure that your mouse bungee is intended with all the features you need to compliment your gaming experience.

Your mouse bungee must be made using hard and strong materials that will see you throughout several uses, and the quality is probably to be reflected in the cost. Those produced by well-recognized brands are probably going to be somewhat more costly.

Non-Slip Grip

The main reason for a mouse bungee is to prevent the cables from interfering with your gaming experience plus so a non-slip base is significant to make sure that the bungee establishes a secure hold that will permit you to keep on playing your game easily.

Others are exclusively designed with void pads that use suction to gain a safe grasp on the gaming surface.

Irrespective of the kind of grip in place, it must be effective in fulfilling its purpose of keeping your bungee protected even while subject to harsh plus sudden activities from high-power games.

Bonus Features

Upon their opening in 1994, mouse bungees were intended with just one job in mind: making your system clean plus easy to use.

However, ever since they come into the gaming scene back in 2010, you could now find bungees that possess perks similar to USB 2.0, otherwise even 3.0 ports. This makes linking and using all your vital peripherals simpler than ever.

Do Mouse Bungees Help your Aim?

Do Mouse Bungees Help your Aim.jpeg

Mouse bungees could help with your target, but I do not think it is the first thing you must look to while improving your gameplay.

Mouse bungees do have a substantial effect in lifting plus securing the mouse wire so that you get a steady sense for your mouse.

While you are practicing otherwise just gaming in general, a steady experience will aid you to build muscle memory. That memory would aid your snaps plus track over time.

Wired Mouse VS Wireless Mouse

Wired Mouse VS Wireless Mouse

Mouse Bungees are intended to create a wired mouse feel similar to wireless to permit seamless, steady motion.

However, with this contrast, another scheme becomes self-evident: “Why not go for a wireless mouse in place of using a wired mouse as well as a mouse bungee?”

As it turns out, it is all a topic of purpose plus personal preference. Each of these alternatives comes with its own exclusive set of benefits and drawbacks.

A wireless mouse removes the difficulty of entangling cables which frequently plagues wired mouse.

Though, wireless mouse technology is so far from developing to the level of a wired mouse given efficiency. As such, a wireless mouse still has the advantage in terms of steering experience.

The performance variation may not be fairly as stark, however. Given a choice, several people would appreciate the mess-free arrangement provided through wireless mouse more than the performance benefit which wired has over wireless.

As their form factor is tidier and elegant, wireless mice are more artistically pleasing than their wired counterpart.

Amateur gamers might not notice the diversity among both option performances, but professional players can rapidly decipher.

As such, severe gamers require sticking with a wired mouse for a superior gaming experience. Pro gamers value functionality as well as performance over aesthetics.

Mouse Bungee is the Accessory Each Wired Gamer Requires

Mouse Bungee is the Accessory Each Wired Gamer Requires.jpeg

Enter the mouse bungee, the oddly shaped and strangely named desktop peripheral. Whereas many businesses offer their individual takes on the bungee, they all sport the similar vital design of a heavy bottom that holds a tower by a clip on end.

Players then clip their mouse cable toward the clip at the ending of the tower, lifting this up off their desks to bind the number of things that it could get caught on.

The outcome is a mouse cable that is kept away from any snacks, monitors. Otherwise, desk corners might potentially prevent a clutch tap from linking.

It is a genius idea, and it is one that pro sports players have been using while the bungee first emerged. It’s not just a device toward selling the bungee either. The device truly works, but is it worth the cash players will pay?

For several players, it absolutely is. If players have not made the jump toward a wireless mouse so far, the bungee is a fantastic adding to any desktop arrangement.

Even if a player’s mouse cable rarely gets trapped on a monitor or keyboard, the small quantity of friction among a cord plus a desk corner is sufficient to shake off a player’s aim.

Steadiness is a key in all types of video games. However, it could be easy to overlook that the small things could affect player performance just as much as the large ones can.

Final Words

A mouse bungee is one of the stuff that appears normal at first, however when you start doing hardcore gaming.

There is no going reverse from it. There are several benefits of a bungee mouse like it develops your aiming. Furthermore, it also keeps the cord of your mouse so that you do not get worried about your mouse’s wire.

The standard general mouse bungee is going to do the work correctly, and a more expensive bungee mouse would ensure better superiority and durability. This is somewhat you must keep in mind while getting a novel bungee mouse.

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