How to Get A 5 on AP Physics 1? Know About AP Physics

The AP Physics 1 test is one of the most famous AP tests amongst scholars. In the year 2016, over 170,000 understudies took the test.

In case you intend to take the test, regardless of whether you have attended a class or have self-examined, read our article for a breakdown of the test. And you will also be able to know how to get a 5 on AP Physics 1 test.

There are so many tricks to get a five on the AP physics exam. But we will show you only the five best ways: familiarization, organization, analysis, exercise, and ask.

How to Get A 5 on AP Physics 1

How to Get A 5 On AP Physics 1? Everything About AP Physics

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So, how to get a 5 on Ap physics 1? If you follow these simple five steps, no one can stop you from getting a five on the ap physics exam. Let’s dig in deeper!

Introduce Yourself With The 2021 Test Format

Introduce Yourself With The 2021 Test Format

If you don’t know the exam pattern, then it’s sure that you won’t succeed. Knowing the exam pattern or format helps you to take preparation properly.

Otherwise, you will be so confused that you won’t understand anything about what you are taking preparation for.

You have got two main points to take a look at the class and the exam. If you know how you will be examined, then it will be the key to getting a five. In the AP Physics exam, your score will be divided between MCQs and FRQs.


Exam Pattern of the 2021 AP Physics 1 Test

There will be a multiple-choice question and a written section. The multiple-choice section will take 50% of your score. You will get an hour and 30 minutes to answer 50 MCQ questions.

In the MCQ section, you will have to pick two correct answers in the last five questions. Then the written section will cover up the rest 50% of your score. Here you will also get an hour and 30 minutes to answer five questions.

Here you will get four different types of questions. Which are:

  • 1 experimental design type question
  • 1 Quantitative/Qualitative Translation type question
  • 1 Short Answer/Paragraph Argument type question
  • 1 Short Answer type question

Now we should discuss some facts that what’s going to be tested on the exam. There are so many topics that will be featured more prominently than other topics.

So, you have to give some extra attention to some specific topic to make a good result on the exam. Here are the important topics that you have to consider.

  • Kinematics: 11-15%
  • Dynamics: 13-17%
  • Circular Motion and Gravitation: 5-7%
  • Energy: 15-25%
  • Momentum – 11-17%
  • Simple Harmonic Motion: 3-5%
  • Torque and Rotational Motion: 12-18%
  • Electric Charge and Electric Force: 5-7%
  • DC Circuits: 7-9%
  • Mechanical Waves and Sound: 11-17%

Always keep this information in your mind to make a good result in the exam.

Coordinate Your Resources and Notes

This is a common problem of most of the students that they don’t organize their study materials and notes.

Because of this, they won’t be able to collect the information in a time when they need it immediately. So, it’s a good idea to coordinate your resources and notes.

So, how will you coordinate the notes? It’s very simple. Follow these steps:

  • You can use a divider and some paper clips to keep your physics notes in a safe place.
  • Use color-code as you comment and try to highlight the textbook or the course module. But if you can not color on the books, you can use the sticky notes.
  • Always try to bookmark all your online resources and keep them in a folder that is only dedicated to AP Physics 1. It will be very helpful for future reference.

Remember, the more you organize, the less you waste your valuable time searching for notes and resources. So, organizing the resources will not waste your time.

Research on the Topics

Every piece of information is valuable for the AP Physics test. So, if you are stuck on some specific topic, then research them. You should not skip a topic that you don’t understand.

In this case, you may think research means going to institutions, labs, teachers, etc. But it is not. Here research meant analyzing and reading a lot of books.

And if you look at the example given in the books, you may find the solutions that you have stuck. The more you read books, the more you gain knowledge. So, there is no alternative to reading books.

A Lot of Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. Now that you have researched a lot and organized your notes, it is time to do some practice.

For doing practice, there are a lot of books in the market. But we suggest you buy the Princeton Review and Barron’s book for the MK section. That book will be helpful for AP-style questions.

Ask Questions

Physics is a highly complex subject in the field of science. There are so many topics that are very difficult to find answers to. So, if you have any questions that bother you, then ask your teacher or your friends.

Always try to group study, because here you will be able to give more concentrate on study. And you can also ask questions to your friends instantly. So, group study is the best option for study.


Noticed the regular topic? Investing a little energy every day can be the reason for getting a five on the AP physics exam. However, many students are confused that how to get a 5 on AP Physics 1 test.

AP Physics 1 can sneak up suddenly, but as long as you keep steady over classwork, schoolwork, and test, practice, you will undoubtedly get a 5.

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