What Does Hollister Perfume Smell Like? All About Hollister Smell

Perfume is a smooth and harmonious fragrance that can give you unique sensations in your body. Choosing a smell of perfume depends on your sense of taste.

There is a massive range of incense in the Hollister brand. You can get soft and smooth or rough and hot, whatever fragrance you want. The aroma varies based on its brand.

Hollister perfume smell is an enlarged brand of perfume set for everybody. Youngsters become very fascinated about perfume.

The fragrance of Hollister brand perfumes is so alluring and attractive that anybody can meld with it. It has separated fragrances for men and women.

Hollister Perfume Smell

The Smells Of Hollister Perfume For Women

The Smells Of Hollister Perfume For Women

The founder of Hollister scents is J.M. Hollister. The industry has release a lot of perfume for women in a single year.

In 2014 Hollister brand launched Crescent Bay, Addison, Addison Sunrise, Gilly Hicks Girl, Gilly Hicks Summer, and Malaia. Their perfumes’ specialty is their wide array of top to base notes and multiple layers that denote femininity.

There are also so many more perfumes that can amuse you with their fabulous fragrance. Free Wave For Her by Hollister is one of them, which is launched in 2018.

It has a fruity chypre aroma that nosed behind Gino Percontino. The perfume contains three different notes.

The top note includes Blackberry, Mandarin Orange, and Agave nectar, where the middle notes occur with Water Lily, Apple Blossom, and Orchid. The last base notes are Moss, Ambroxan, and Patchouli.

Again Hollister Wave For Her by Hollister is also a Great alignment of fruit and floral fragrance launched in 2016.

The perfume contains the Top notes of Quince, Carambola, and Cassis, the middle notes of Orchid, Hibiscus, and Poppy, and the base notes include Solar notes, Sandalwood, and Crystal Amber.

The Top Fragrance Women’s Perfume

The Top Fragrance Women's Perfume

Hollister MALAIA For Women

Hollister MALAIA For Women

Hollister MALAIA For Women is a 1.7 oz EDP Spray of renowned Hollister brand that smells cool and breezy that blows you with a soft and tender feeling. It is the sweetest and attractive smelling perfume in the Hollister brand.

The lucrative fragrance of Hollister MALAIA derives from the combination of the scent of the topmost soothing flower lavender and vanilla.

The smell gets its outstanding aroma from basil. People are taken so wholeheartedly that the perfumed ranked the first position as Hollister’s best seller.

Pure Cali FOR WOMEN by Hollister

Pure Cali FOR WOMEN by Hollister

Pure Cali of Hollister is a 1.7 oz EDP Spray. It is considered as the Tropical Summer Scent of the Hollister brand. Though it isn’t much popular, its aroma is not less than that of others. The charm of its fragrance can divert your mind to peace.

The sent is made up of the flavor combinations of the tropical fruit pineapple and Pure Cali. The sweet juicy flavor took you to a distinct marge.

The smell is the best use with a casual look for the young. With the taste of Pure Cali, this perfume provides your spring and summer vibe with the aristocracy.

Hollister Wave 2, Eau de Parfum Spray

Hollister Wave 2, Eau de Parfum Spray

Hollister Wave 2, Eau de Parfum Spray, is specially made for women. It is the sequel of the wave list. Wave 2 is a lovely cute perfume of summer fragrance .the smell of this unique perfume is white tropical flowers.

The warmth of this perfume can easily be matched with your gesture. Hollister Wave 2 is considered the best sweet-smelling perfume of the Hollister brand. You will be delighted with the island-like feeling with the smell of wave 2.

Hollister Wave Women Eau De Parfum

Hollister Wave Women Eau De Parfum

Hollister wave is an innovation to the world of perfume that the Hollister brand brings. It is a vibrant, hot, and acute type of scent that contains the beach’s essence on a sunny day. The bottle of 3.3 ounces can provide you the breeze of the shoreline.

It complies fruit and floral note like watery start fruit with orchid and hibiscus. The scent will be the perfect choice for r young ladies.

This particular perfume is the most popular perfume of the Hollister. It will give you a super fresh wave. You may mark it just after the malia in terms of the best women’s choice from the Hollister brand.

CALI VIBES Hollister Eau de Parfum for Women

CALI VIBES Hollister Eau de Parfum for Women

If you want to experience Hollister’s brand’s general breeze vibe, then this perfume is a suitable choice for you. This 1.7 oz / 50 ml bottle contains green floral elements headed by fresh lilac.

Rose notes with Cali Vibes increase its aroma with a traditional vibe. Though it’s not a very high incentive choice, it is precisely the one which you are looking for going somewhere.

The smells of Hollister perfume for men

The smells of Hollister perfume for men

The men’s perfume collection of Hollister has a range of smells in cologne and body spray. Those perfumes’ smell combination reformed with citrus, spicy and woody notes to display a lifestyle. The scents are crafted uniquely crafted by J.M. Hollister.

Hollister Wave For Him from the Hollister brand contains A Woody Aromatic fragrance that launces in 2026.

The top notes of this perfume are Yuzu, Bamboo Leaf, and Grapefruit, where the middle is middle notes are Lavender and the base with Salt, Driftwood, Musk, and Tonka Bean.

Cal is the most famous Southern California fragrance from the Hollister brand, the combination of frozen pineapple and white suede.

When you plan to bring the signature brand with a light fragrance of Hollister Socal Cologne Spray for Men will be the appropriate choice for you. let’s learn some more about the smell of Hollister’s men’s perfume collection

The Most Popular Hollister Scent For Men

The Most Popular Hollister Scent For Men.jpeg

Hollister Socal Cologne Spray for Men

The Hollister store is always fragranced with Socal wafting that comes from Hollister Socal Cologne Spray for Men. this 2.5 Ounce bottle gives you a sweet, calm, and beachy wooden vibe with a warm, vibrant flavor.

The versatile perfume aroma in it. The most popular Hollister Socal Cologne Spray is made of herbal ingredients that give.

Hollister Wave Men Eau De Toilette

Hollister Wave Men Eau De Toilette has considered the best overall cologne ever. the 3.4-ounce cologne of pure aquatic type gives a shooting flavor of yuzu with bamboo leaf driftwood.

The wave is lucrative because of the sweet and clean aroma of Lavender. Citrus and bamboo leaf create a very unique and worthy smell to wear. The aquatic note of this perfume gives you a summertime feel to wear.

JAKE HollisterEDC Men Cologne Spray

Jake is the most renowned and top-bet man’s collection of Hollister brand. This 1.7 oz / 50 ml bottle is famous for its excellent aroma with simplicity.

The floral essence gives you a shoreside aroma. Again it provides a woodier besides the citrus zest.

Festival Nite for Him

Festival Nite for Him is a unique creation that is known as Summer Nighttime Wear. It is not only appropriate for the night but also suitable for the day. The perfume contains citrus and apple mixed aroma that sustain for a day long.


Hollister brand starts Best Men’s Colognes in 2013 with a variety of fragrances. Many are very much passionate about using a perfume with a different smell.

You can try the calm, clean and sweet aroma of seashore from Hollister’s collections. The Hollister perfume smell will be the best choice for you to explore the innovation of perfume,

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