How Does An Office Chair Work? Details About Office Chair

A comfortable chair is a must when you are working in an office. It will not just be comfortable; it will also increase your productivity. That’s why, while choosing a comfortable chair for the office, we all should be cautious.

Still, most of us don’t even bother to know how office chair works. And how it can reduce our back, shoulder, lumber, and muscle pain.

So, how does an office chair work? Well, Office chairs are mostly designed in certain postures. That’s why all the office chairs are not suitable for all.

If you are small or tall, then the chair which is preferable to you might not be preferable to others.

And also, office chairs work with certain mechanisms. We are going to go through some popular mechanisms as well. Before going to our topic, let’s go through some important things you must know about an office chair.

How Does An Office Chair Work


How Does An Office Chair Work ? Different Types Of Office Chairs

How Does An Office Chair Work Different Types Of Office Chairs

Here we are going to discuss some of the most popular office chairs. And also, why it’s good. So, follow the rest:

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Chairs

 The most popular office chair you can ever find. Also, the ergonomic chair gives a different types of benefits.

Like, you can change the angle of the chair anytime according to your height and comfort. It’s even designed in a way that reduces back pain, spinal disorders, and other risks.

Drafting chairs

Drafting chairs

A drafting chair is not just adjustable; it also reduces back pain, lumbar pain. You can use it with tall desks as well.

Because of the adjustable height, it gives you the chance to sit while standing. Even the posture of the chair is admirable.

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs have a unique design that is different from other office chairs. The back of the mesh chair is made up of a fabric that is almost like a net.

Because of that, it makes the airflow easy. Also minimizes lower back pain and gives a proper posture.

Big And Tall Chairs

Big And Tall Chairs

Big and tall chairs are specially designed to carry greater weight. Even the seat, backrest, and armrests are wider than normal.

It has a great weight capacity, and anyone of high weight can use it without worrying about falling.

Conference Room Office Chairs

Conference Room Office Chairs

 Well, these chairs are mostly used in conference rooms as you can assume that from the name. The beck rest is smaller than the normal one’s, but it is adjustable. One can adjust it slightly on the front. Thus, that will give them better focus.

Petite And Small Chairs

Petite And Small Chairs.jpeg

 If you think these chairs are designed for small people, you are not wrong. It has a lower seat, lower armrests, and smaller height, making it easy to work for smaller people, unlike normal office chairs.

Even though there are more, these are still the most comfortable and popular ones. among all of them, ergonomic chairs are the best ones.

Nowadays, many chairs use the word “ergonomic” without providing the features of ergonomic chairs. So be careful while choosing.

How Does An Work?

How Does An Work



Many people ask that “how an office chair works?” it works with different mechanisms as well. Let’s go from the top-.

The Base

The base part is where the wheels are located. Wheels are used for the better movement of the chair. One can even use the non-wheeled ones, but wheeled chairs are the most convenient.

Mostly star-shaped base with wheels on every edge is the most founded base. You should also clean them properly; otherwise, dirt will clog on the wheels, making movement uneasy.

Neck Rests

Neck Rests
Orthopedic neck pillow.

 Most of the office chairs don’t provide neck rests. And if it does, then it’s actually the best feature. It helps the neck and shoulder to rest, making movement easier.


Armrests are one of the most important parts of a chair, as it helps our arms to relax. Resulting in better hand movements. It also helps to reduce back pain and shoulder pain.

So, if you are using a chair without armrests, then switch to the ones with armrests. It will help you to reduce the pressure on your arms. Some of the chairs also provide an adjustable armrest facility.

Seat Padding

When we sit on a chair, our body fully puts pressure on our butt. That’s why using soft padding is better, as it will give you comfort. But still, there is no way to lessen the pressure. Instead, move a little bit while working.

Basic Tilt Mechanism

Basic Tilt Mechanism.jpeg

Basic tilt mechanism doesn’t allow the seat, backrest, and armrests to move at one time. If you move one, the others will see a standstill.

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism.jpeg

Because of this mechanism, the backrest and seat of the chair can be moved together. The backrest and the seat move in a 2:1 ratio making the backrest lean or move more than the seat.

Knee Tilt

In the knee tilt mechanism, the pivot point is closer to the seat, and that’s how it allows putting less pressure on the back of the leg while leaning on the backrest.

Finally comes,


The seat is the main part of an office chair. As you can see, most of the office chairs are adjustable.

They provide a chance to adjust the height of the chair, even sometimes angles. More precisely to say, now a day’s gas cylinders do this. There are also several mechanisms for that.

Swivel Mechanism

Swivel Mechanism

Here, a gas cylinder helps to move the height of the chair. There is a piston set on internally. This piston pressurizes the gas to adjust the seat with put-on weight.

There is also a spring and a friction clamp. The piston rod is held by the friction clamp-on place.

When the lever is pushed, the friction clamp releases the piston resulting in the piston compressing air and raising the height of the chair. When the piston is pushed more, the air expands and lowers the chair.

After this process, the chair spins a little bit to the right air pressure. And that’s how the swivel mechanism works.

Tilt Mechanism

Tilt Mechanism

This mechanism mainly adjusts the angles of the seat. It can even move the seat a little bit to the front.

Thus, it helps to reduce lower back pain and lumbar pain. It also helps in the blood circulation of the legs and puts less pressure on the spine.

These are common mechanisms of an office chair. Well, most of the chairs doesn’t feature all of the mechanisms except for ergonomic ones. even though ergonomic chairs are pricey, it helps highly in many ways.


1.What Is An Ergonomic Chair?

Ans: An ergonomic chair provides all the health benefits while using a chair. It provides all the adjustable facilities and also designed specially to reduce spinal disorders and back pain. It also allows good blood circulation.

It’s an ideal office chair which will not only provide you comfort but also less pain.

2.Does An Office Chair Explode?

Ans: It does. As we know, an office chair operates with a gas cylinder in it; there is a chance of explosion. Even though it’s rare, it’s better to maintain safety. That’s why checking the air cylinder would be a priority.

Final Remarks

When you are working for a long time in an office while sitting it will cause more and more health problems.

For your own good, you should choose the best chairs for yourself which will give you not just relief but also security. Thus, you can help yourself. And for this ergonomic chairs would be the best option. I hope now you know how does an office chair work.

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