How Does Cologne Go Bad? The Most Trending Thing Now

If you keep a cologne for a long time, you will notice that the smell becomes weird and strength became lessened. Many people have a question how does cologne go bad?

The answer is yes. Cologne can go bad if you have opened the cap and placed it for a long time. The air will enter the bottle and make a chemical reaction. Then the cologne or perfume will spoil, and the smell will be ominous.

But there are so many ways to increase the lifespan of perfume or cologne. However, now we will discuss how cologne goes bad, how to identify, how you can increase the lifespan, and many more things.

So, stick together in this guide to discover many unknown facts!

How Does Cologne Go Bad

How Does Cologne Go Bad?

A perfume of cologne, whatever you say, is a mixture of alcohol, water, and some scented oils.

The reason behind spoil is mainly scented oils. Alcohol doesn’t spoil the fragrance; it enhances strength. Generally, every perfume is made with a different recipe.

So, the lifespan depends on the formula used to create the cologne. Because the ingredients are other and cause chemical reactions differently, over a very long period, like two to five years, the cologne can still smell like a new one.

It is because of the ingredients used to make the cologne. But you can identify the spoiled one by taking the smell because it is the only clue to know whether your perfume is going bad or not.

If you smell something different that you usually don’t do, then be sure that it is expired or spoiled. If you own only a few perfumes, then this technique will be easy for you.

But if you have many fragrances, this method might be challenging because different scents have different fragrances.

So, it is expected that you will smell different and won’t recognize the perfect one. But you should have a little bit of idea that how your cologne smells like. If you smell different, then it is spoiled.

Another great way to identify is to look at the color. Suppose you see the color changes, then it goes wrong. But it depends on the ingredients that are used to create the cologne. Also, the way you store it can affect the perfume.

Naturally, your perfume will turn into darker color than the original one. If you notice it, then the cologne is going bad. But keep in mind that many fragrances change color to preserve the actual smell.

However, if you see that the cologne is looking hazy or has different layers, it’s high time to get a new one.

But what will you do after knowing that your perfume got spoiled? Many people will just throw it away. Logically it is the only thing you will do.

But we would like to give you some advice to keeps the bottle to yourself because the perfume comes in an excellent bottle.

You can make some handy decorations with the bottle to decorate your room. These good-looking bottles can spice up your house and make it look awesome.

How to Store Cologne?

You need to store the cologne properly to keep it long-lasting. Keeping the perfume properly means storing it away from excessive temperature. Temperature plays a crucial role in keeping the fragrance reasonable.

Because extreme hot or cold temperature can make some chemical reaction and spoil the thing. Many people from all around the world love to keep perfume in the bathroom.

Whenever you do a bath, the cold or hot humidity can affect it directly. As a result, the cologne will go bad very quickly because the moisture will mess with the chemical inside.

However, keep the perfume from the direct sunlight. Because excessive heat will break down the cologne’s chemical chain, it will make it lose the potency. As heat will cause the fragrance to spoil faster, you may think keeping it in the fridge can be a good idea.

But it is not. Whenever you take the scent out of the refrigerator, the chemical inside won’t tolerate the hot temperature, and it will spoil. And always try to avoid the bottle before using it. It decreases the expiry.

An excellent place to keep the perfume is the bathroom drawer. Because perfume is more durable in a cool, dry, and dark place, it will be best if you keep it in the original container and don’t change it.

Because the air exposure will damage the fragrance and it will make the cologne spoil faster. However, if you want to determine if the perfume is spoiled or not, then there is a good idea to check if it’s over two to three years or not.

If the age of fragrance is more than two years, then it’s a good idea to check the expiration signs. If the smell is good, it is okay. If scents stink, then change it.

How long can a bottle of cologne last?

How long can a bottle of cologne last.jpeg

Different bottles last different. According to a recent survey, a hundred ml bottle of perfume can last 1400 to 1500 sprays on average.

By calculating this average, if you use five sprays per day, it will last up to 280 to 300 days. If we take the average as 100ml bottle of perfume lasts 290 days, you will need 125ml of a bottle each year.

However, if you are an enthusiast of perfume, you might own four to five different kinds of fragrance bottles. So, you have enough scents to spend your next four years. And by chance, if you own ten other bottles, then it will last about eight years.

We have cut down the extra two years because you may find out some bottles to be spoiled or damaged in these years. And you should have thrown these away.

After the above circumstance, it is clear that five bottles are enough for a person unless you use five bottles together a day and have money to burn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens If You Use Expired Cologne?

There should not have any intense side effects for using the expired cologne. This statement is from Chelariu, who is a perfume expert.

There is a usual method of oxidation that occurs throughout every cologne’s life, and this can make unions in the mixture that can irritate specific skin types.

How Long Should A Cologne Last?

Perfumes are not like foods that it will expire after the labeled date. You can use the perfume for at least three years.

If you store the scent perfectly then, it can last even more like four to five years. But if you store it in an improper way, then it can cause faster expiration than the labeled date.

Can Perfume Last Ten Years?

Most of the perfumes don’t include any labeled expiry date. It depends on how you use and keep the bottle. Sometimes perfume can last even ten years, but you have to store it in a cool, dry, and dark place like a bathroom drawer.

Final Words

Taking care of your cologne is mandatory to preserve the expiration. Plus, you will get the full benefit of your scent by using it accurately. Always try to avoid rubbing the cologne on throb points. It will heat the fragrance as your body heats.

However, we tried to cover up every detail of the common question that does cologne goes bad or not. I hope now you know how does cologne go bad.

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