How To Lower Office Chair? Sit In A Way That Awakes Lower Body

Sitting posture is very important if you do not want to have severe back pain that can lead to disabilities sometimes. Also, if you are a person who has to sit in their office chair for a long time, then you need to better your workstation for yourself.

Sitting awkwardly in a chair can be harmful in many other ways. So if you are sitting improperly, it is high time you should change the process.

Suppose you don’t know how to lower office chair. The kudos to you; you are in the right place. So here we will talk about some steps that will give you a clear brief on how you can change the chair’s height.

How To Lower Office Chair


How To Lower Office Chair Sit In A Way That Awakes Lower Body

How To Lower Office Chair Sit In A Way That Awakes Lower Body

Experts say whenever you sit on a chair; you should sit as if you are sitting on a horse. Now you must be wondering, what am I saying?

So what happened when you sit unproperly on a chair? Basically, your lower body got inactive. And that puts pressure on the spine, and eventually, it gives more pressure on the neck.

Undoubtedly, it creates a chain of pain on reaction. To prevent the pain, you should sit on a chair that keeps your lower body on the move.

The perfect example would be sitting on a horse. The wise choice will be to set your chair’s height like you are on a horse and rest your feet on the ground that keep the balance in alignment.

And your hip angle will find a safe orientation when your feet on the floor. So your body will function in the most balanced way.

Sitting in a Forward Direction

If you have a job that requires sitting in front of the laptop or computer screen for a long time, then a quick hack will be sitting on the front of the chair. It will help you to give the best out of yourself.

When you have an essential task to complete, never rest your back on the backrest. It will make you sluggish and hinders your productivity.

Or adjust the depth of your chair in that way you can make it more comfortable. And also, look around your surroundings and see what else you can change according to your needs.

You can put a tacky grip on the edge of the chair so that your cloth get stick to it. It is another way you can try whenever you find difficulties sitting towards the edge.


Never Force the Backrest

Sitting in a Forward Direction

Being a human, it is so natural that you tend to use the backrest very often. Here is the trick, if you want to use the backrest, let the backrest come to you to keep sitting in a comfortable way.

Now the question arises, how can you do that? If your chair has a narrow seat, there is no need to worry, but if you are struggling, you can place a cushion or an exercise ball and place it in between your back and backrest.

In that way, you will find a comfortable area. So experiment and see if this works for you or not.

Check your backrest from forwards, backward and adjust the up and down to see what fits you the most.

Keep the Feet on The Ground

If your feet are hanging, then there is a chance of cutting the blood circulation flow. So better to rest your feet on the ground or grab a footrest. So it will allow your feet on the rest.

Also, it has the ability to reduce your upper body tension. So invest in an excellent footrest to give stability.

There are so many options you will find on the market. Some footrests allow rocking that helps to leg circulation.

Or, if you do not want to invest money in footrests, you can tuck your feet on the chair’s base. In that way, your body will be active and prevent your lower body from stiffness.

Do not sit with joining your knee together cause it may rotate your pelvis back and also causes pain.

Proper posture is so important for your overall health. So keep trying until you find the appropriate posture for you.

Relaxation of Your Eyelids

The eyes are one of the vital body parts of a human being. And we don’t want to mess with eyes. That is why our eyelids wish to rest.

So we should keep our screen at a height where our eyelids get proper rest. To figure out the correct position, you should check it with your body parts and see what place is not cooperating.

There is a standard method you can try, and that is to hold a paper in front of your eye and see from which distance you read the document correctly. And that is the place where you should keep your computer screen.

Sometimes doctors suggest another way, and that is just to close your eyes and nod your head up and down to see where your neck find relaxation and balance. Then open your eyes and place your computer accordingly.

So try these methods and find out the position and align your screen’s height accordingly.

Do not Forget the Armrest

Armrests are not so necessary to cause our hands and elbows to want to be at rest. But an armrest contour it, and sometimes it causes pain. And, most of the time armrest is too far from the person’s body.

If you work that requires writing or similar work, then changing your armrest position can change your game. So adjust your armrest level to the level of your desk so that it gives you the support.

Or, if you do not need any armrest, you can remove them. To sliding your knees, you can lower the armrest.

Raising and Lowering the Chair

The office chair has levers under the seat. They are mainly used to control seat height and angle. You will find them attached to the base of the chair.

You can pull up the control while sitting on the chair to find the proper distance properly.

So keep on adjusting the levers. When you push the right lever in most models, it will raise or lower the chair freely.

Move it gently and slowly cause giving more pressure at a time can break the lever. Once you find the position you want, then move back the lever to its original position.

If you are not able to fix the position, you can do it from standing too. Raise and lower the chair to the below of your knee cap. Now you can sit on the chair and keep your feet flat on the floor.

Keep on moving:

Sitting is not a natural process for human. It can harm your body, and sometimes it affects your health severely. Here we give tips that make your sitting experiences happier, but no posture is good for more than 20 minutes.

Try to get up at least after every 15 to 20 minutes; it will prevent your body from stiffness and other related issues. Or, if you are too busy to stand up, you can just lean forward and go back to your seated position.


I hope now you know and understand how to lower office chair.

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