How To Smell Like Vera Wang Perfume? Details About Vera Wang

Perfume is something that makes you smell attractive, a scent that sprits you away. Vera Wang Perfume is one of them. It poses a magnanimous scent that is subtle floral, and luxurious. So, how to smell like vera wang perfume?

Vera Wang Perfumes has a very sweet scent and light in weight. Where the rate of popularity of this perfume is very high, it is not strong at all. Rather the fragrance is enchanting.

Though it comes is kind of handy price compared to other brands. The ingredients they use are unique, so other brands cannot match up to its qualities.

How to smell like Vera Wang Perfume

So, Let’s See How To Smell Like Vera Wang Perfume In Detail!

So, Let's See How To Smell Like Vera Wang Perfume In Detail!

5 ways To Smell Like Vera Wang Perfume

ways To Smell Like Vera Wang Perfume

Every woman wants their perfume to smell like Wang Perfumes and wants such perfume in the bag, but what if the homemade solutions bring such fragrance. The 5 ways to smell like Vera Wang Perfume are:

1. Using Essential Oils As Perfume Recipe

Using Essential Oils As Perfume Recipe

Essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid. Essential oils are also known as volatile or ethereal oil. The ingredients to make the perfumes are oil, vodka, water, essential oil, and a coffee filter.

The process is easy as after mixing all the ingredients on the bottle, the result will be very good, and the fragrance will be very nice.

2. Using Flowers As Perfume Recipe

Using Flowers As Perfume Recipe

Who does not like the smell of the flowers? Flowers bring delight to our mood, and we can also make perfume with flowers in our home.

The ingredients include flowers, water, cheesecloth. Mixing all this in a bowl with cold water and leave it overnight. The perfume from this will be a nice one.

3.Using Roses as perfume recipe

Using Roses as perfume recipe

The smell of roses is incomparable, roses come in various types, and the dark roses carry a strong smell. The ingredients needed to make perfume are fresh rose petals, vodka, distilled water, rose essential oil.

After mixing all this in the bottle, strain the mixture into glass perfume, shake well, and it’s ready to use. It will be a rose perfume which will give a spellbinding smell.

4. Using Jasmine as perfume recipe

Using Jasmine as perfume recipe

Jasmine is a flower that smells gives richness and intensity to fragrance. It has an exotic smell; the ingredients to make jasmine perfume are vodka, distilled water, essential oil of Jasmine, lavender, vanilla, and cheesecloth.

After mixing all this into a bottle leaving about four weeks, the desired results will be visible. After the perfume is made, the perfume will have a jasmine smell.

5. Using coconut oil as solid perfume recipe

Using coconut oil as solid perfume recipe

Who does know that coconut oil gives huge benefits to our skin and hair? The ingredient includes beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, and any of your preferred essential oil if it comes as a form of perfume.

After mixing all this in a jar, the mixture will be ready. The smell of the perfume will be very good, and there will be no side effects.

Steps to Keep the Perfume Long-lasting

Steps to Keep the Perfume Long-lasting

This solution will be effective as a perfume as it has the qualities of Vera Wang perfume. But to keep the perfumes long-lasting better to apply some steps, such as.

Moisturize Well

Our skin needs proper care, and we always want to smell good. When we sweat much, we tend to smell wired, which puts us in an awkward position.

To moisturize the skin and wrist well, we get many moisturizes in the market, so if we add perfume with the moisturizer, the smell will become a nice one. After applying this, the smell will become long-lasting.

Apply perfume in hairbrush and pulse point

Perfumes have alcohol in them, which makes them stay longer. When the dryness takes over our hair, our hair becomes smelly, so when we add a bit of perfume to the hairbrush.

Then the smell will be good also after applying to the pulse point as it is the warm spot of our body that emit extra body heat, which then helps to dissolve the scent.

Apply Petroleum Jelly to the pulse point

Apply Petroleum Jelly to the pulse point

We all want to smell good every time. Petroleum jelly is available in the house, and we apply this in daily use. So if we apply a few perfume sprays with petroleum jelly, then the fragrance will stay longer.

The ointment of petroleum jelly holds up the smell for a longer period. If we give this in hand, neck, and pulse point, the smell will be lasting.

Some Aspects To Consider

  • Do not store the perfume in the bathroom by that the dampness of the bathroom will fade the fragrance.
  • Try to use every drop and handle with care, as if the lead is open, the smell may go away.
  • Do not wrist the perfume hardly in the hand as there can be red rashes.
  • Always carry cotton buds. Putting a few drops in the buds will make it stay long and can be used in an emergency.
  • Do not shake the perfume bottle or jar too often, as it might reduce the quality.
  • Store it in a box and away from the daylight.
  • Different perfumes carry different smells, so one should be careful as some perfume smells can be too strong.


Perfumes must be needed for every woman, though every perfume has a different kind of unique smell. The fragrance lights up the look and mood.

Also, homemade perfumes have natural ingredients, so there is less chance of side effects. The process is easy and takes relatively less time.

But steps should be considered properly to get the desired results as perfumes are meant to handle cautions. As if not taken care of properly, the quantity decreases very rapidly.

Nevertheless, the Vera Wang perfume is costly, and there are fewer chances of its availability. So going for the homemade perfumes and getting the same advantage is worth a try. I hope now you know how to smell like vera wang perfume.

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