Are IKEA Desks Easy To Assemble? (IKEA Desks Guide)

Ikea has a different brand value when it comes to furniture. There are so many varieties of furniture you will find in IKEA. So, are IKEA desks easy to assemble?

The furniture of IKEA is less expensive, lightweight, and suitable for any home or office. The assembly of pieces of furniture is very easy. However, some customer finds it difficult.

It might happen because the customers are not really attentive to instructions. So here we are going to tell you some tips so that it makes assembling easy for you.

Without further a due, let’s get started!

Are IKEA Desks Easy To Assemble

Are IKEA Desks Easy To Assemble? Tips For Assembling The IKEA Furniture

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  • Aware of Your Skill

IKEA claims that their furniture is easy to assemble. But if you are a beginner, you might find the process is challenging.

If you have no idea of handy basic skills, then you have to struggle. To make the process easier, IKEA has made picture instructions.

If you follow the pictures thoroughly, you will find it a lot easier. Still, if there is any doubt, then IKEA has already made so many videos of their best-selling products to give you a clear idea.

  • Never Buy the Dented Box

Whenever you are in an IKEA shop, try to avoid damaged packages. Cause inside a damaged box, there is a high chance of a damaged product. So, no matter how small or tiny the damage is, ignore that and grab another one.

Before buying any parts of furniture, observe the package carefully and see if the box is dented or not. If so, avoiding the shipping box is a wiser decision.

  • Ignore the Damage

There is a high chance of damaging the furniture item while assembling as they are lightweight and not made of wood.

That means you have to be very careful before starting the assembly process. It would be much better if you take some measurements like,

  1. Clear out total space. Cause the assembly process requires a lot of space.
  2. Place a rug under the items; it will prevent damages. Or the best option would be to use the cardboard that comes along with the furniture. It will help the product from any scratch or nick.
  • Read the Instructions Carefully

Before starting the assembly process, read the instructions until your doubts are clear. Because if you while assembling, you might miss an important clue.

So, see the pictures on the instructions thoroughly to have a clear vision of the final item. There is an illustration of each item to help you to have a clear identification.

The next step is to lay out the items. If you layout the items according to the orientation as shown in IKEA’s diagram will help you to avoid any kind of doubts.

  • Use of Glue

If you assemble the parts tightly, it will give you an expensive and professional look. For that, you have to join the edges carefully.

But sometimes it’s not the case. Even after you join the parts tightly, some edges look so loose. In that case, you might have to use to attach the details perfectly.

It will increase the durability of the furniture. Experts suggest avoiding the regular carpenters’ glue. In that case, you can use waterproof polyurethane glue, and it will last for so many years.

  • Use of Hammer

Sometimes it is a challenging task to place wood dowels into the bottom of predrilled holes. For that, you need a hammer and use it safely cause if you push the dowels with an extra force, it might break the item.

So before putting the dowel into the hole, dab glue on end. And then use the hammer to insert the part correctly.

One-third of the dowel might not be inserted into the hole, but that is okay. Lastly, wipe off any extra glue left on the dowel.

  • Enlargement of the Hole

You have to make sure the wood dowel will fit even after other components. Cause there are many examples when you include one wooden dowel, it creates a problem to hold the other dowels.

To solve that occurring problem, the easiest way is to enlarge the predrilled hole. That is why you need to use the drill bit as the same diameter as the hole.

So, set the drill bit in reverse so that you can prevent extra drilling. Also, make sure you hold the drill bit steadily.

Now join the small pieces and add some glue if needed.

  • Stop Worrying About Missing Parts

IKEA is not a magical shop that cannot make mistakes. Sometimes they make mistakes, and that is so normal.

After all the necessary precautions and safety measures, if you still find that some parts of the furniture are missing. No need to worry. Communicate with IKEAs customer service, and they will send you the part free of cost.

You have to send them an email with your name and address, contact information with mobile number, order number, product number, explanation of the missing parts with references and that’s all.

  • Ask for Help

Even after all the process, if you are still stuck at assembling. Then let me tell you IKEA offers a service that includes assembling.

They will make you the final product in the store, and it will cost $36 to $350 depending on the furniture. This is available only at selective stores, so check out before buying from any store.

They also had a partnership with local professionals who can help you deliver and put together the stuff. It can cost you around $39 to $79.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, we can say that assembling the IKEA furniture is not that difficult. Only you have to keep patience and understand the instructions properly.

Even after you are struggling, you can ask for help. IKEA has so many offers to solve your problem. Here’s a tip for you –

That is, tighten up all the bolts after two or three weeks of assembling to expand the furniture’s durability. I hope now you know are IKEA desks easy to assemble or not.

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