Is The IKEA Malm Desk Good? Details About Ikea Malm

On a busy office day, when you sink into work and sitting in front of the computer for a long time, you can’t escape from the apparent exhaustion. The only mate that can relieve the extensive pressure of meeting deadlines is a perfectly organized desk.

The IKEA Malm desk will resolve all your problems of compiling things in sequence. The question may arise in your mind that ‘Is the IKEA malm desk good.’ you will get the simple answer to your question that is yes for always.

The quality, sustainability, and strength of a desk are the most important things to be accustomed to your working desk.

The IKEA Malm desk will serve you with the features that you can desire in your office desk. Let’s drag some more to learn about the qualities of the IKEA malm desk.

Is The IKEA Malm Desk Good


Is the IKEA malm desk good? There Is Everything



A desk can be the center of all your attraction in the room. So it should maintain beauty and workability at the same time. The high-quality IKEA malm desk flaunts with expert professionals.

It meets all the essential criteria that you are looking for in your office desk. The vast qualities of the IKEA malm desk are given below.

Aesthetic Beauty

Aesthetic Beauty

The purpose of a desk is to serve you with a specific space and increase the workplace’s aesthetic beauty. Most of the time, the office desk becomes messy with files, wires and cables, and so many things.

But you will be amused with the mechanism of the Ikea Malm Desk. Here you get a separate shelf under the tabletop to hide the loitering wires.

It will help you to keep your desk clean and clear all the time. The specialty of the desk is Though the wair seems that the wair is hidden, they remain close to your hand.

The vintage shades of Ikea give a royal look to this desk that adds elegance to your working place. Moreover, you could get the desk in a vast range of colors like white, black-brown, brown-stained ash veneer, and white-stained oak veneer.

Durability And Strength

The durability and strength of an office desk depending on the structural design of the desk. To work with the vibe of aristocracy, The Ikea Malm Desk will be your best partner. The lifespan of this particular desk is increased by using Plastic edging.

Furthermore, the assembling of the desk is also very important to the extent the strength and durability. A handy manual with written instructions and pictures is included with the pack.

The manual will reduce your hazard of setting up the Ikea Malm desk wherever you want to place it.

You need to assemble all the parts accordingly and tighten them carefully to avoid any mishap. Then your desk becomes ready to face all sorts of zark in its lifespan.

Easy Maintainance

The Ikea Malm Desk is prepared by maintaining the most user-friendly features. It is not only easy to handle but also simple to maintain.

The tabletop, side panel, supporting leg, and bottom panel denote the desk’s outstanding qualities. There are ABS plastic cable management, a back-rail, and a shelf.

The front look of the desk is painted with acrylic paint on the particleboard and paper foil. Also, the desk includes The storage units, sides, and bottom made of paper foil materials only for the user’s convenience.

This desk’s maintenance is such an easy process that You can wipe up the desk simply with a damp cloth as the desk is coated with Plastic edging. Regular brushing can give a new look to your desk every day.

The Dimensions

The regular dimension of the Ikea Malm Desk denotes that its weight is only 95.2 pounds.

The desk’s structural measurement shows that its Width is 55 1/8 “, Depth is 25 5/8”, and Height is 28 3/4 “. More simply, The desk is 143 cm long and 67 cm wide, extending up to 9 cm in Height.

User Experience

The authentic user experience can reveal the actual validity and usability of any product. According to the customer’s opinion, the Ikea Malm Desk is a sturdy desk that is clean, simple and has plenty of space.

You can carry three monitors on this desk at a time. The easy wire management feature helps you to decorate your desk uniquely.

Moreover, the user finds the desk as a delicate piece of IKEA furniture. The easy portability is another unique feature of the desk. It can be managed the zark of the movement easily.

The desk withstands frequent use by an overweight individual, consistently pressing, laying, and leaning on it. Most of the customers are delighted by the varieties of colors of the IKEA malm desk.

Some users demand from their practical experience of many years that the desk remains unchanged and almost new after four moves within four years. The paint remains vibrant fresh even after the use of five years.

The cabinets of this desk are pretty deep, and it can hold a lot of belongings more than you think. The Desk is so Sturdy and has plenty of storage that you can get enough space to keep it neat and clean.

The desk is very lightweight considering its size, and its cord management tray comes in handy as well.


The Ikea Malm Desk has a flawless finish with all of its accessories like The tabletop, drawers, and cabinets. Though it is perfect for office use, you can use it at home. Pick up your favorite desk color from a wide range of colors.

Cleaning the Ikea Malm Desk is not a big issue of worry as it is made up by sustaining the unobjectionable quality of the materials. the expert artisan is sure to bland the aesthetic beauty with usability prepare the Desk.

You can combine the Desk and the drawer in order to extend the work surface.

Again, The Malm Desk is absolutely perfect for you because the desk provider all the benefits on a very pocket-friendly budget. So what else do you want to be satisfied with your desk. I hope now you know is the IKEA malm desk good or not.

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