Is AP Calculus BC Hard – A Complete Overview

Well, “AP calculus BC is hard” is a misconception that has spread all over the US. The right concept is the AP (Advanced Placement) test will seem hard for those who are not good at AB calculus. But for people who are good at it, BC calculus seems easy.

Besides, if you are already great with algebra, you will make it through the test. The test consists of 45 multiple choice questions, which you have to answer within 1 hour and 45 minutes.

So, is AP calculus BC hard? When you finish answering multiple questions, you have to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes answering response questions (you will be given six free questions).

One tip we would like to give; take a graphing calculator for answering at least 4 FRQs. Before you want to sit for the AP exam, you must get the whole concept of both AB and BC calculus.

Is AP Calculus BC hard


Is AP Calculus BC Hard?

Is AP Calculus BC Hard

Let’s look at all the important pieces of information one by one.

AP Calculus BC Topics

You are thinking of taking a test; hence for preparing yourself fully, you must know the topics from where the questions are organized.

BC calculus topics also include AB calculus topics. The extra topics are definite integrals, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, approximating integrals, accumulation functions.

The Exam Format

There is nothing much difference between the AP Calculus BC exam and the AP Calculus AB exam. The only difference is in the question’s format.

AB exams contain questions that have small answers; the BC exam requires detailed answers and additional topics. The time duration of the exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes in total.

The exam is divided into two sections; the first section includes multiple-choice questions, and the second section includes free-response questions. These two sections have the same score, 50/50.

Skills Required

The least requirement for sitting in the AP exam is to get mathematical training of advanced level when in high school.

It would help if you had up-to-date knowledge in every mathematics area, such as trigonometry, geometry, analytic geometry, and algebra.

Learn and memorize all the symbols or writing protocols used to solve calculus. These symbols are mainly used to form the base when solving certain calculus problems.

Search for new material and learn them so that tackling questions for you doesn’t become hard. Don’t be afraid thinking to solve questions with numbers; calculus has more words than numbers.

Understand the concept of calculus and its theorem for applying them correctly in your mathematical problems.

Increase reading and understanding skills because their exams can pass students who have top-notch reading and understanding skills.

Strategies to Follow

For passing the AP Calculus BC exam with the expected score, you need a good strategy to follow. Below are the tips you can use for planning your strategy;

Take Practice Tests

The topper’s secret lies in taking practice exams and analyzing themselves. Take some practice tests online and solve previous questions to understand your skills situation.

Study Everything About The Course

The course is vast; hence you need to grasp every little concept distinctly. If your mathematics background is great from high school, it will be a big help. Master yourself in solving calculus with approaches that are not similar.

Put More Effort To Learn Free-Response Section

The free-response section can help you obtain the maximum score. Its score will raise your overall grade.

1The more your answers are clear in this section, the more you get a good impression. Solve the questions with valid justification and give relevant examples to support your answers.

Should You Jump To AP Calculus BC?

Jumping right to the AP Calculus BC is a very bad idea because BC calculus is diverse and includes AB calculus. It’s like you want to learn words before learning alphabets.

As the BC calculus questions ask for more details in answers, your math basic must be strong. Don’t worry because the statistics show AP Calculus BC test’s passing rate is higher than the AP Calculus AB test.

Therefore start taking preparation from today by learning AB calculus. Take advantage of the online world to learn calculus starting from now.

Should You Take AB Calculus Instead?

The math solving skills are not the same for everyone. Some people look for easy maths to solve, and some don’t care about the hard or easy ones; they are fine with maths no matter calculus, geometry, or algebra.

If you ask us to suggest you pick one, we would say pick depending on your skills. You can understand how good your skills are in solving varieties of maths by practicing more and more.

Hence keep trying to learn until you get tired and take the AB calculus practice tests to see how much score you get. If you get great marks, then you must try BC calculus too.

How Hard Is AP Calculus BC?

It’s time for understanding how hard it is AP Calculus BC. The answer is simple, if you don’t like math and always get the average score AP Calculus BC test is not for you.

If you are interested in math and want to learn all the ways of solving mathematical problems, get amazing scores, and be eligible for the exam.

Remember one thing; nervousness is the only enemy of math. Therefore be confident, keep practicing and go for the test; the rest will bring a good result hopefully.

Some Tips To Follow

Take some easy-to-follow tips from us to prepare yourself correctly for the AP Calculus BC test. The followings are the tips;

  • Practice basic mathematics
  • Collect previous AP exam board questions and solve them
  • Learn the whole calculus topics one by one
  • Make a routine and follow it daily
  • Take online tests
  • Remove any fear for math


It takes a lot more effort and patience to take the AP Calculus BC test, but it will be worth it when you pass it with high scores.

By passing the test, you open for yourself the doors of many opportunities. Get yourself familiar with the exam structure, and don’t let your focus break.

These two are the key to pass the AP Calculus BC exam. I hope now you know is AP calculus BC hard or not.

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