How To Make An Uncomfortable Office Chair Comfortable

An office is a place where we work even with a lot of stress, and sometimes we don’t even want to work, but we have to do it because it’s a responsibility.

In this situation, having an uncomfortable chair irritates you and makes a huge impact on your mood, focus, and on your work too.

Now, you may have lots of questions in your mind, and we have gathered all the answers and an in-depth guideline on how to make an uncomfortable office chair comfortable. So, let’s get into it!

How To Make An Uncomfortable Office Chair Comfortable


Why Making Your Uncomfortable Office Chair Comfortable Is Important?

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Your office chair is the seat where you spend 40 and even more hours every week. So, if it’s uncomfortable, It’ll leave a huge impact on your focus and the quality of your work.

Also, not sitting in a comfortable chair increases the risk of heart health, makes your posture poor, causes neuropathic diseases, and negatively impacts your muscle health.

Not just that, it also increases your possibility of having chronic illnesses like heart diseases, lungs, and colorectal cancers, and so on if it causes high cholesterol issues as well.

Undoubtedly, it’s not like you will all the illness from that first month of using an uncomfortable office chair, but after a few years, you may face any of the health issues.

That’s why making your uncomfortable office chair comfortable is important.

How To Make An Uncomfortable Office Chair Enjoyable?

How To Make An Uncomfortable Office Chair Enjoyable


Most people ignore setting up their chairs because they aren’t familiar with how to make an uncomfortable office chair comfortable.

It is not like you have to purchase a thousand-dollar-worth comfortable chair; instead, if you have a desk chair, you can still make it comfortable with little to no investment.

Now, the fact arises, how can you do it yourself? Well, that’s why here are a few tips for you. If you apply all these, then we believe you don’t have to face any problem in making your chair comfortable.

So, here are the following tips-

Chair Height

Chair Height.jpeg

Setting the chair height according to your height is important. If you are one of them who doesn’t feel like setting their chair according to their height, you are doing it wrong.

To get the appropriate height for your office chair, you have to sit in it and keep your two feet flat on the floor, and your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle and on level of the sitting position or a little underneath from your hips.

This is the ideal height of your chair, and it’s healthy too.

If you have a chair height-

Lower than that– it will be the reason for extreme back pain.

Higher than that– you will be feeling uncomfortable, impassiveness, and have poor blood circulation in your legs’ thigh area.

That’s why you should have a proper chair height.

For instance, if your height is 5’9″, your ideal chair height should be 18.6 inches. If you search online, you’ll find hundreds of charts where you’ll find the ideal chair height according to your height.

Recline Adjustment

The reclining system of a chair is a blessing for people who have the back-pain issue. If you can find the best recline setting for you, then your chair will be super comfortable for you, and you will be working for hours without any problems.

Nowadays, most office chairs have recline features as a knob-like regulator on the bottom of the chair.

The ideal recline setting is the 135-degree angle. However, we would still recommend you to experiment by yourself and find the best recline adjusting setting for yourself.

Also, don’t recline too much because, in the long term, it’s not good for your health.

Lumbar Support

The quality of the lumbar support is the reason behind most of the office-going people’s back pain. Most of the cheapish office chairs don’t have good quality lumbar support or fixed.

So, if your chair’s lumbar support isn’t comfortable or if you are suffering from back pain, then consider getting an additional lumbar pillow.

The additional lumbar pillows are super comfortable and affordable, too, and it can convert your cheapish office chair into a comfortable office chair.

Armrest Comfortability

Armrest Comfortability

In a cheap and uncomfortable office chair, expecting a comfortable armrest is like a crime.

You will get plastic-made and uncomfortable armrests that don’t support your entire arms on cheap office chairs.

However, our arms are important as they cover around 10% of the body weight. That’s why, if your chair’s armrest isn’t comfortable, then you should get armrest pads for your office chair.

You should get an armrest pad that covers your armrest and support it in all positions. A good quality armrest pad can make your cheapish office chair more comfortable and luxurious, and it is inexpensive too.

So, if you want to make your uncomfortable office chair comfortable, consider getting an armrest pad.

Seat Cushion

When it comes to office chairs, another complaint that we often hear is the seat’s comfortability. On the cheap office chairs, the seat cushion is either too hard or doesn’t have enough padding, which is why you feel uncomfortable.

That’s why we highly recommend you to get an additional comfortable seat cushion. It will give you comfort and instant relief from the irritating seat cushion your cheap chair had.

Final Words

Now, you know how to make your uncomfortable office chair comfortable. We believe, if you apply all these methods, then you’ll be able to convert your uncomfortable office chair into a comfortable one.

Also, keep one thing in mind, the little money and time you invest behind your chair will save you in the long run from deadly illnesses. I hope now you know how to make an uncomfortable office chair comfortable.

In the end, your office chair is the seat where you spend most of your time in the weak, so why not making it comfortable?

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