Are Mouse Bungee Worth It? Detailes Explained

If you Ask any shooter player about the most irritating part of playing their beloved game is.

Chances are they will not reply with “cheaters,” “lag,” otherwise “refresh rate.” in its place, we would bet that the mouse cable is gaming’s largest irritation for those who do not play wireless. So, are mouse bungee worth it?

It gets trapped on desk corners and monitors way too simply, building the easiest clutches turn into awkward fails in an instantaneous, plus there never appears to be an easy solution for what would be complexity.

Are Mouse Bungee Worth It

So, Are Mouse Bungee Worth It?

So, Are Mouse Bungee Worth It

Advantages of Mouse Bungee

The finest mouse bungee could be a great investment if you like neat configurations, in addition to want to hide away that cable neatly.

Likewise, a mouse bungee maintains the mouse cable from getting trapped up on your work desk while keeping the mouse activity regular.

The mouse wire is directed through a rubber assisting arm to achieve a cleaner look plus far superior mouse motion. Let us consider why you require obtaining one.

While several individuals promise that the best mouse bungee could give you that additional edge while playing games, some persons will tell you that this is a misuse of money.

These are the point of opinion; in addition to you require giving them a go beforehand, you conclude.

We would not condemn you if you have never come across mouse bungees, though; they are one of the very finest ways to enhance your video gaming competence.

As a means to maintain your cable tidy and orderly, the very finest mouse bungees complete the work without getting in your technique.

Why Would You Buy It?

You are a gamer, correct? You take pleasure in getting accurate headshots, otherwise insane flip shots. Nothing feels superior to landing that clasp headshot in the final few seconds of around.

Plus, nothing feels worse than botch that clutches headshot all since your mouse cable is trapped on the table; otherwise dragged slightly too much on the mouse pad.

This is wherever the mouse bungees come in. purchasing mouse bungee is a bit similar to buying a truly good mattress, otherwise desk chair or advancement to a 144Hz screen.

You rapidly forget about the superiority of life enhancement the product has given you, however only till you stop using it.

I cannot go back to having my cable lying on the desk similar to a saucepan’s discarded noodle afterward using a mouse bungee, just like I cannot go back to gaming on 60Hz afterward a 144Hz screen. But when I am using one, I hardly ever consider it.

And that is the point: you do not have to. It is designed to remove the obvious obstruction of wire snagging and friction, plus it does just that.

When that barrier is eradicated, you do not ever have to concern about whether your cable will obstruct your 360 no-scope ever again. You do not even have to consider it.

Gaming Mouse Bungee Buyer Guide

Gaming Mouse Bungee Buyer Guide.jpeg

Mouse bungee is essential for gamers, but if you cannot buy the perfect one, you will be looser. So making the right decision is important.

A mouse is the single component of a constantly moving PC, and its wire might cause difficulty if it gets twisted otherwise gets in the way.

If you are a standard gamer, you may understand the significance of mouse movement efficiency toward advancing gameplay.

Several gamers are doubtful to purchase a wireless mouse since it might cause very irritating input lag. The superior wireless mouse does not have any input lag price a lot.

Mouse bungees eliminate the requirement for a wireless mouse by administration the cable, which means that it does not matter any longer. You can take pleasure in playing games by no input lag plus very little general investment.

As you now recognize that mouse bungees play a great part in developing the gaming skill, let us look at several key issues that you require to keep in mind while purchasing a mouse bungee.

Working Mechanism

Mouse bungees work on a similar principle. However, they depend on different mechanisms to make sure your mouse wire is well protected. The spring-loaded method is one of the trendiest choices since it is suitable and strong.

Then, you might also discover rubber, otherwise plastic arm. They just hold the cord plus stick to it whereas functioning on the tension.

On a similar note, the base might moreover vary from one bungee toward another. It is merely a base, plus it does not have much toward do with the mechanism.

However, you still have toward pay interest on it. Extra weight means more steadinesses. The weighted base noticeably makes the variation since the weight is nearer to the desk.

Choose for a nonslip grip – several bungees have rubber feet, whereas others have a rubber base. The broader the nonslip surface it would be better.

All these mechanisms offer an outstanding choice for messy desks plus cables, but though, you require finding the finest fit for your wire mouse plus working otherwise gaming surface.

USB Inputs

USB Inputs

Although a bit unimportant, it is still worth noticing. These days, several mouse bungees come by USB hubs through 2 to 4 USB 2.0 ports.

They do not precisely help in progress the gameplay experience. However, they do aid make things simpler on the desk.

You could connect other computing peripheral straight to the mouse bungee quite than getting all the means back of the CPU; otherwise, the monitor. It makes stuff more practical. You could also charge your smartphone exactly on the desk!

Thus, a mouse bungee by a USB hub may cost a bit more than a normal mouse bungee. However it is well worth the additional amount. It is very expedient and gives you an entire hub correctly on the desk very near from your hands.

Mouse Surface

Mouse Surface.jpeg

Mouse bungees work by dropping drag plus friction shaped by the mouse wire rubbing on the tabletop.

It is significant to note that if you are spending cash on a mouse bungee, you will need to make certain you take other procedures to help curtail drag from additional sources.

This means you will require a mouse mat of several kinds, and preferably, you would use a laser mouse in its place of a ball one as these are more accurate in addition to more hygienic.

Which is The Best?

While it comes to peripheral, a good gaming mouse is vital when you are trying to play viably in today’s topmost AAA games.

Unluckily, unless you are eager to spend the huge bucks, a fine wireless gaming mouse just is not going to offer the fast reaction times as even a sensibly mid-tier wired model.

For this cause, you will most probably need to depend on a good wire management system, which in the majority cases means that you would be in search of bungee for your mouse.

The finest mouse bungee models out there will not cost you a load of money, and they are specially designed to aid keep your mouse in exact control when you play.

A good mouse bungee moreover comes with additional features similar to a USB hub; otherwise, even LED beneath and backlighting in order that you could have additional style points in your competition.

These products are moveable, easy to install as well as will retain your mouse’s wire in order whilst you play.


1.How do I stop my mouse cable from dragging?

Ans: A simple alternative involves using a file clip. The handles ought to be big sufficient to match the ending of the mouse wire. Run the cable throughout a handle plus clip it toward the desk; otherwise, monitor.

Noticeably, this is an easy DIY option; however, investing in mouse bungee could provide more competence in your gaming adventure or office work.

2.What is the ideal setup for a mouse bungee?

Ans: There are more methods to come up with the ideal setup for a mouse bungee. Thus you could play around and discover what works for you. Usually speaking, most public places the bungee alongside the mouse paid, in the central.

They put the mouse as far as they may need it whilst still on the pad and then take the wire throughout the bungee. Give it an added inch of slack, plus you would be perfect for a basic setup. I hope now you know are mouse bungee worth it or not.

Final Thoughts

For the gamer, having mouse bungee is somewhat that must be on every desk. These apparatus are not very costly, and they significantly improve the excellence of gaming itself.

With a suitable mouse bungee, you would never have to concern about the cable snagging plus having to shake the mouse toward getting it to work properly.

Use mouse bungees to perk up your gaming experience by purchasing them together with other gaming apparatus.

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