How Long Do Mouse Bungees Last?

If you like clean setups and want to hide away the cables tidily, a mouse bungee could be a great investment.

A mouse bungee retains the mouse cord from getting untidy on your desk but furthermore retains the movement of the mouse steady.

The mouse cord is moved over a rubber guiding arm to achieve a cleaner look and better mouse movement. So, how long do mouse bungees last?

A mouse bungee is one of the things that could seem gimmicky initially. Nonetheless, if you play games on the utmost level (or you desire to do so), then you will know that the greatest of margins could decide games one means otherwise another.

Mouse bungee aids to make your moussing experience as steady as possible, and reliability is key for viable gamers, so it is certainly a good idea to buy a bungee unless you have got a wireless mouse.

How Long Do Mouse Bungees Last


So, How Long Do Mouse Bungees Last?

Usually, mouse bungees last for about 2-3 years. However, it mostly depends upon how you use it, plus if you maintain it properly or not.

They could last for as long as five years if appropriate care is given. It might not last for more than a year if they are used improperly.

What Does It Do?

Having a mouse bungee could improve the target and decline the strength required to revolve the mouse, mainly affecting your game. You will understand whatever we mean if you have used one before.

Mouse Bungee Advantage

Mouse Bungee Advantage

Target is one of the most significant issues in becoming a worthy player. So it is only rational that you want to make certain that your capability to aim correctly is not restricted by anything.

That is why you will need a good gaming mouse together with a fine mousepad. These two kinds of stuff are certainly the most significant pieces of your targeting setup; however, a bungee could complete the entire thing by removing any odds of cable drag.

Unless you are playing by a wireless mouse, you have perhaps experienced it beforehand: you are aiming at some object in the distance as well as your cable gets caught behind a speaker.

Otherwise, a container of soda and therefore messes up your prospective highlight.

Cables moreover have to come from anywhere, plus having your cable dangle from otherwise slip off of your desk could create an unreliable and irritating experience. To remove these irritations, you must acquire a mouse bungee.

It is possible to just tape your cable to your desk; otherwise, use a diversity of other homemade cures and get the precise similar experience that you would get with a bungee, however. For a steady and consistent solution, we do commend go for dedicated bungee.

This stuff does not break (or as a minimum, they should not), so it is a one-time investment that would spare you some frustration plus, it looks far better on your desk than having a piece of tape caught to your display or whatsoever.

A good bungee would also lift a maximum of cable off your mousepad, which would give you a much free feeling.

Moreover, it is much more practical for persons who frequently go to LAN parties otherwise play games away from their household desk as you could just place it down plus get to gaming without having to mess about with tape plus these kinds of stuff.

What to Search for in a Mouse Bungee

What to Search for in a Mouse Bungee

You would be incorrect to consider that all mouse bungees are similar. However, the greatest mouse bungees are all certain to improve your gaming performance. They each go around it differently.

Let us look at the topmost considerations you would consider while selecting a novel bungee.

Support Mechanism

The finest mouse bungees use diverse kinds of mechanisms to secure your mouse-cord. The utmost common? Rubber, Spring-loaded, or plastic arms that grasp the cord as well as relay tension.

Today’s most prevalent bungees feature weighted bottoms with suction cups otherwise non-slip grasps to maintain a stable grip on the desktop.

These offer a cozy fit for all kinds of mouse cables plus surfaces, confirming outstanding performance for spontaneous and pro gamers identical.


Your fixtures do not have to be tiresome. And that contains mouse bungees. Insert a little flashiness to your desk by selecting one with a few explosions of color.

Otherwise, better yet, choose one that aspects RGB LEDs toward adding several lighting effects to the mix.

Bonus Feature

upon their start in 1994, mouse bungee was designed with just one job in mind: making your system clean as well as easy to use.

However, ever meanwhile they came into the gaming part back in 2010, you could now discover bungees that brag perks similar to USB 2.0 otherwise even 3.0 ports. This creates connecting plus using all your vital peripheral simple than ever.

Best Mouse Bungee – Purchaser’s Guide

Best Mouse Bungee – Purchaser's Guide

Construction Quality

This is the utmost significant thing to consider while buying bungees. Whereas the material used plus the design form given do play a correspondingly significant role in decisive quality, there are additional special benefits too.

For novices, the build must have a bendable arm. The arm of mouse bungee is the utmost significant part of the buying. This is the cardholder. Thus it has to be spongy, flexible, sturdy, and robust enough toward lasting a valuable life.

Likewise, you would make certain the mouse bungees do have rubber feet; otherwise, rubbery add-ons for the feet. This means the bungee would stay in one place and not get dragged while using it on a smooth surface.

USB Port

You got that correct. A worthy mouse cord holder today would moreover have a couple of added USB ports. Not all of them, however many would. This provides you a bonus aspect to look for in the model you like.

If your bungees work perfectly, and they have two otherwise four additional USB ports however you are at it, what else do you enquire for! Whether you desire a port for the peripheral otherwise just a charging point for your phone, you are home.


The finest mouse bungees work with all cable weight; the cable holder requires to be capable to accommodate dense, chunky cables in addition to thin cables plus soft Para corded ones.


The mouse bungee base requires to be heavy, otherwise sturdy sufficient so that it does not fly around in a passionate gaming time. Light mouse bungee is no worth it if it loses its place continually.


Desk space could come at a best. Thus a mouse bungee that could be steady while keeping its general size lower on the desk is appreciated.


1.Do Mouse Bungees Aid Your Aim?

Ans: Mouse bungees could help your target, but I do not think it is the first thing you would look to while improving your gameplay.

Mouse bungee does have a substantial effect in lifting plus securing the mouse cable to get a steady sensation for your mouse.

While you’re practicing or just gaming generally, a steady experience is going to aid you in constructing muscle memory. That memory would help your snap as well as chasing over time.

2.Are Mouse Bungees Worth It?

Ans: Many gamers make their specific DIY bungee to acquire the cable of gaming mouse out of the means, somewhat as simple as several tapes.

Otherwise, a binder clip could keep your mouse cable from excessively dragging on your mouse. Thus, in that sense, they are not worth it as you could do it yourself for way inexpensive.

If you cannot be bothered and just want somewhat, you will enlighten your gaming skill. Bungee is a small price toward pay considering how much time plus the money you have put into gaming previously.

3.What Is The Variance Between A Gaming Mouse Bungee And A Normal Mouse Bungee?

Ans: Generally, the two mouse bungees have additional in common than the variances.

A gaming mouse bungee has more steadiness and a more bendable arm as associated with the usual ones. Other alterations might include LED lighting as well as fancy features similar to USB hubs.


Briefly, mouse bungee is a pretty cool adding, particularly if you are a gamer by an excellent setup.

Make certain you get one of the greatest mouse bungees, plus refer to the key factors beforehand selecting one! A mouse bungee permits you to establish a steady setup without facing a tugging sensation as you drag the mouse.

For the gamer, a mouse bungee is probably a good purchase by permitting easier freer movement because of the decrease of weight plus cable on the gaming surface.

Though a mouse bungee requirement is frequently argued, there is no disagreement that they promote outstanding cable management that permits for greater precision and accuracy in your movement.

While the normal basic mouse bungee could do its job, getting a more luxurious option will confirm better quality and durability. This is somewhat to bear in mind while you are receiving a novel mouse bungee. I hope now you know how long do mouse bungees last.

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