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In today’s world, we humans spent most of our time sitting in the office chair rather than in our home or with a family member. A good office chair is a must to ensure our day-to-day comfort. But what will someone do if the chair gets worn out?

When we are using an office chair for years, then there is a huge chance there might be some default with its parts. Any of its parts may get wearied, which can obstruct the owner’s regular working function.

The most common one is the office chair hits base ground. It happens when the office chair base hits the ground despite the castors in it.

Let’s have a deeper look into it:

Office Chair Hits Base Ground


Reasons Behind Office Chair Hits Base Ground

Reasons Behind Office Chair Hits Base Ground

A regular office chair usually consists of 11 parts. They are:

  1. Headrest
  2. Arm pads
  3. Arms
  4. Chair cylinder
  5. Chair base
  6. Casters
  7. Lumbar support system
  8. Seat pad
  9. Chair mechanism
  10. Cylinder cover
  11. Foot ring

In this guide, we are dealing with base and casters.

(Note: Please look at the diagram for having a clear understanding of each of the part)

The two main reasons behind it are:

Default With The Casters

Default With The Casters

Normally, an office chair has 5 casters. The chair stands on these casters, and its movement and flexibility depend on them. If any one of the casters gets broken for some reason, then the whole chair base might hit the ground.

Lowering Of Base

Lowering Of Base

The base might get lowered for any faulty setting or outer pressure, resulting in the base touching the ground despite the casters obstructing the chair’s mobility.

In both cases,, this problem can be very irritating and obstruct a chair’s movement from one corner to another. At worst, the whole chair might collapse.

In most cases, one has to replace their chair with a new one. But buying a new chair can cost a fortune. Office chair prices usually range from $100 to $400 a dollar, which might be expensive for some people.

Not unless we know how to fix it. Yes, you have guessed it right. Here, we’re going to talk about how one can easily solve the chair base problem for both the above causes.

But before let’s have a look at the required tools that we might need for this task are:

  • A screwdriver: For home furniture or equipment, usually hexagon dive screwdriver is the preferable one. So it’s suggested to buy a hex dive screwdriver for this task
  • A rubber mallet: It’s suggested to use a rubber mallet hammer other than an actual hammer.
  • A wooden table: A wooden table where the chair will be placed
  • Lubricating fluid: One might use it in case the bolt s are tightly attached.
  • A friend: This task might be difficult for a single person to handle. So it’s suggested to take a friend’s help, especially the one with prior working experience.

Now that we are equipped, it’s time for the steps to finally begin

For Default With The Caster

For Default With The Caster

When the base hits the ground due to the caster issue, then this problem can be easily solved by replacing the casters. For that:

Step 1

At first, we have to bring the wooden table and place a blanket or cardboard on it. Then lifting the chair, we have to place it in an upside-down position on the table.

(P.s: One might skip using the blanket or cardboard. But it’s recommended to use them in order to protect the table’s surface from excess pressure)

Step 2

Now that we have our chair in an upside-down position, we have to take a look at each of the caster to figure out which one is causing the issue. Afterward, we have to loosen the screws or bolts of that faulty caster and replace it with a new one.

(P.S: As I have said earlier, it’s recommended to use a hexagon drive screwdriver as those have an easier gripping and low risk of stripping.

The hexagonal socket here will allow the s bolts of the casters to easily dive in and out. One can easily buy this screwdriver from any convenience store around.)

As soon as we did that, our problem will get solved, and our chair will be reusable. This whole process can hardly take 20 minutes to complete.

How To Lower The Base Of The Chair?

How To Lower The Base Of The Chair

Though replacing the caster was an easy task, replacing the whole base is comparatively difficult. But don’t worry it’s not impossible. The steps for that are:

Step 1

Like before here, we have to bring the chair and place it in an upside position on the wooden table.

Step 2

Subsequently,, we have to take our screwdriver and lose each of our casters’ bolts. One may use a bottle of lubricating fluid in case the screws don’t come out.

Following the detachment of each of the screws from each of the casters, we have to place them aside for a while.

Step 3

Now, at this point, we will need a friend who will hold the chair and alleviate it in the air. While he is doing that, we have to keep hitting the chair cylinder with the rubber mallet until the base is to detach from it.

Remember, while hitting, one has to be very careful about the cylinder clip to get hit directly.

(P.S: How smoothly the base will come off depends on how old the chair is. If it has been in use for a longer time, then parting it might be difficult. In that case, one might use the lubricating fluids to ease the way)

Step 4

Now that we have unfastened our faulty base, it’s time for us to replace it with a new one and screw the casters that we had put aside.

So these are the steps that can be followed to solve a faulty office chair base that hits the ground.

Final Words

As we have come to the end of this guide, hopefully now you know the reasons behind the office chair hitting the base of the ground.

I hope now you know what to do when office chair hits base ground. To get rid of it, simply follow the steps stated above, and you’ll get the job done.

Also, do remember to check the chair once after finishing the procedure!

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