How To Open A Perfume Bottle In 2022 Step By Step

As you are here to know about how to open a perfume bottle. That’s why I bought a bottle of perfume a while ago. The perfume that I bought has the fragrance of a flower and fruit tea, and I love it.

There is a limited edition that is no longer in circulation, so you can imagine the pain when I accidentally hit the glass in my bed.

It was easy to find that the thick glass bottle was not broken, but the spray with the hose remained uncomfortably inside the stopper. For this reason, I could not change the sprayer.

But I was fortunate enough that there was a video on YouTube, and when I searched about the topic, I introduced myself with some new information that I was not aware of.

How To Open A Perfume Bottle In 2022


From there, I also learn how to open perfume bottles. So here, I will try to explain the steps to you. Therefore if you ever face any problem like this, you can apply them and do not feel hopeless that I thought in my case.

How to open a perfume bottle

Step By Step How To Open A Perfume Bottle 2022

Step By Step How To Open A Perfume Bottle 2022

So let’s stop side talks and start the magic tricks:

First, you need to have some equipment. It will make your task easier:

  • The most important thing that you will need is an empty perfume bottle.
  • A safety pin or you can use any other similarly pointy objects.
  • Tissues for cleaning purposes.
  • Needle nose pliers or you can also use long-nose pliers.
  • It would be best if you also had regular pliers. It is an optional item. In your case, you may not need it.
  • You will need a hardware nipper. Do not use manicures.
  • Then the last thing is the beaker. In this case, you can use measuring cups or a small funnel. It’s totally up to you.

Reminder: you have to always keep in mind that you are working with glass bottles. So you have to take extra care about what you are doing. Because if there is an accident, there will be high chances to hurt yourself. So do not do your work in a hurry, take your time.

Here I am sharing the experience that worked for me. I hope it will help you in your case:

The first thing to do,

You have to take off the cap of your perfume bottle—the first thing you will notice that there is a ring at the base. The ring is placed generally where the sprayer should be.

Then take your long nose pliers and carefully remove the ring when you are done doing that you will notice that that crimped base of the sprayer will be fully opened.

The second thing to do:

Then take your sharp edges of the nipper and lift the crimped base. You can also do it with the help of the safety pin. If the tricks do not work, then take your regular pliers and grip the sprayer as hard as you can.

And start moving the sprayer back and forth so that it becomes loose. Then lift the crimping you have to do it until you reached halfway around the bottle. I think through the process you will be able to remove the lip of the container.

Note: when you are using the regular pliers, don’t grab the lip of the bottle. If you tightly press the bottle’s mouth, there is a high chance that you might break it. So carefully grip the sprayer.

Then here we come to our last step:

When you are doing this, you may crack the glass bottle or spell some of your perfume. In my case, I had broken the lip of my perfume bottle. Anything can happen. So grab your tissue paper and carefully wipe the glass in case it does not mix with your perfume.

As your perfume bottle is already broken here, you need an empty bottle. The funnel or measuring cup pour your perfume from a broken bottle to another bottle so that you can save the rest of the perfume and can use it.

Note: different perfume bottles have different types of crimping. Normally metal crimping is harder to remove than plastic crimping.

My perfume bottle could carry 50 ml of the perfume when I remove the cap and pour the perfume in a beaker. I found out that there was still 4o ml of perfume in that broken bottle.

If I did not do anything and leave the perfume thinking that it has no use, can you imagine a waste?


Here is my story about opening a perfume bottle. I hope it will help you to open yours. I hope now you know how to open a perfume bottle.

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