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After working for 8 hours long, the relief you feel while getting off from work, it’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it? But at the same time, we all go like, ‘Oh, my back!’ Not just back, for me, it feels like my spine is going to break soon, and my lower body seems numb. Let’s not talk about my shoulders and hips here, that unspeakable pain. And let me say, it’s not because of age. So, what is the standard office chair height?

We all are going to agree on this topic that half of our time goes by while fixing our sitting position when we are working in the office. Of course, we all do. An uncomfortable sitting position with the addition of sufferings. And, it’s the worst. That’s why choosing an ideal office chair depending on your height can be a relief. It will make you not just comfortable but also will reduce your sufferings.

Standard Office Chair Height

Standard Office Chair Height | Everything About

Office Chair Height

First, let’s go with our own problems!

What Would Be An Ideal Chair For You?

After suffering from several body pain and stress, you must be thinking of getting a new office chair. You can customize it as well. Maybe it’s the better option. If you want to buy a new one, then what things should you focus on while choosing an office chair? Let me go slowly from here while answering this.


Well, office chairs mostly come with wheels. If you have noticed that, then you might also know because of the wheels, chair can be moved easily. So, don’t go with full force to sit on it because you may fall. You don’t want to be laughable, right? But if your office is carpeted then don’t choose the ones with wheels. Rather choose the non-wheeled ones.


It’s also important to find if the chair is durable enough. If it can carry enough weight and also the materials are good or not. Do check it out before buying or making a new one.


The next thing you feel after sitting will be the padding, if it’s comfortable or not. If you want to choose hard padding so that you won’t get sleepy while working, then do not. It will rather increase your lumber pain and lower back pain. So, choose something that’s not too plushy neither too hard. Hard padding increases the chance of your lumber disorders when your body is already putting a lot of pressure on your lumber. That’s why avoid hard padding.


Having back pain is quite common if you are sitting for a long time on a chair. Why make it common? Instead, choose chairs especially which give support to your back and helps you to reduce back pain. Hence ergonomic back design is here to save you. Ergonomic chairs are designed especially for the backrest. So you can try this one.


Then comes armrests. Is it necessary to have armrests? of course, it is. Armrests might give relief to your arms. When you are working, don’t you feel stiffy arms? And these armrests help your muscle to loosen up, and your shoulders won’t feel tight anymore. Enough reasons to use armrests, right? Lastly comes the height of your office chair. Well, it’s also really important to choose a chair with a correct posture of yours, and that goes with your height. As it’s our topic today, I think now I can start with the topic without any delay.

Standard Office Chair Height

Standard Office Chair Height


It’s really important while you are choosing a chair. If the chair is not compatible with your height, then it will be much troublesome to sit on. Though there is no standard office chair height, still it’s considered to be between 17-21 inches depending on your height. The height of the chair also depends on your posture to sit. While looking for an ideal chair compatible with your height, make sure to look at these factors:

  • While deciding the height of the chair, make sure that your feet can reach the floor when you are sitting. I mean, can touch the floor.
  • Make sure you can put your elbow on a 90-degree angle with the desk.
  • Or choose adjustable chairs which you can adjust according to your height.

As it is not a fixed or standard height chair, I would rather suggest you choose an adjustable chair. It will be quite easier for you to use. After confirming all these factors, you can choose the best office chair for yourself. That will not only give you comfort but reduce the pain as well. You can also use leg rests for your feet. But it might not be appropriate for the office.

Other than that, it also depends on the height of your office desks. So, if you are going to customize it, then let the chair maker decide it. If you are sitting on a chair for a long time, it also increases the rate of disorders. That’s why you should also sit with the right postures. So that it can reduce the pain, and you can enjoy the work.

Final Remarks:

Actually, Ergonomic chairs are the most compatible for office work, which provides not only backrest but also designed to reduce the pain on the spine. It’s designed mainly for office workers.

Well, we will also suggest you move around a little bit while working as sitting for a long time is not good for your health. Also, maintain proper posture. I hope now you know what is the standard office chair height. So that you don’t have to go home by saying, “oh my back!”


1.What Are The Right Postures While Sitting?

Ans. While sitting on a chair, you should also maintain your posture. Otherwise, it will only cause pain for you.

  • First, sit straight without bending your back.
  • Keep your elbow on 90 degrees with the desk.
  • Keep your legs on the front without twisting.
  • If you are not feeling comfortable enough, then you can put a cushion on the back.

2.Is it Necessary To Have Armrests On Chairs?

Ans. Of course, it is. Armrests help to loosen arms and shoulder muscles. While working, your arm and shoulder also need rest. Otherwise, your arms will be in pain and your shoulders will tighten. That’s why it’s better to have armrests.

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